Webcom, Inc.: Selected by Aqua-Chem, Inc. to Enable Sales Channels to Quote Products in the Field


Solution to Provide a Competitive Advantage in Compressing the Quote-to-Cash Cycle and Increasing Channel Effectiveness

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, December 14, 2004 Webcom, Inc., a leader in simplified quote-to-order enablement for the selling of complex products and services, is pleased to announce that Aqua-Chem, Inc. has selected the Webcom WebSource CPQ solution to simplify its quote-to-cash process at their Cleaver-Brooks division. Aqua-Chem, Inc., a well-integrated group of companies, is a world leader serving the energy and environmental markets.

“Cleaver-Brooks products and services are built on a reputation for efficiency, quality, and reliability. Knowing its 80,000-plus customers expect only the best, Aqua-Chem, Inc. delivers nothing less,” said Aqua-Chem senior vice president of sales and marketing, Welch Goggins. “Building an effective quote is a time consuming process involving multiple individuals, currently. WebSource CPQ will allow our sales representatives and distributors to easily select the proper products and options in order to produce an accurate configuration and proposal, expediting the proposal process for our customers and allowing more time to be spent on customer relationship building.”

WebSource CPQ is designed to help drive increased revenues and margins, increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and improved productivity. Requiring nothing more than a web browser, WebSource CPQ will allow Cleaver-Brooks to easily and skillfully configure, price, quote and order, addressing the complex needs of their customers.

“We are extremely pleased with the ease of use of the solution and the excellent service being delivered by Webcom as we launch the first phase of our implementation,” said Aqua-Chem CIO, Yusuf Abu-Hatoum. “An example of this is the ease in which the WebSource CPQ online catalog handles the complete breadth of products from our many companies,” added Abu-Hatoum.

“As we have found upon numerous implementations, administering attributes and rules of a company’s products and services in a single database saves valuable time and will allow Cleaver-Brooks to focus on their core business, as a world leader serving the energy and environmental markets,” said Aleks Ivanovic, Webcom president.

About Webcom, Inc.
Webcom, Inc. provides software solutions that simplify the quote-to-order process for the selling of complex products and services. Requiring only a browser, WebSource CPQ allows customers to configure, price, quote and propose their offerings across multiple sales and distribution channels, anytime, anywhere. WebSource CPQ not only handles the traditional bill of material, routing and diagram generation tasks frequently associated with product configurators, but also addresses the guided selling, proposal generation and multi-level channel management tasks associated with sales configurators. The solution helps drive increased revenues and margins, increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and improved productivity. Companies utilizing Webcom’s products and services include Rockwell Automation, Danfoss, Corning Cable Systems, Verity, Grayhill and GE Industrial Systems. Founded in 1997, Webcom is a privately held corporation headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with offices in the USA and Europe. For more information, visit Webcom at http://www.webcominc.com or call 414-273-4442 (toll free 877-508-6323).

About Aqua-Chem, Inc.
For over 70 years, Aqua-Chem, Inc. and its divisions, Cleaver-Brooks and Water Technologies have provided energy and environmental solutions in the form of water treatment, commercial heating comfort, and industrial processes in partnership with customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Under the brand name, Aqua-Chem, the company’s Water Technologies division is known as a world leader in the design and production of water treatment products for commercial, government, military, and industrial applications. Aqua-Chem’s Cleaver-Brooks division also enjoys solid market share and leads the world in the manufacture of commercial, industrial and waste heat boilers, burners, accessories, and parts. The Cleaver-Brooks and Nebraska Boiler brands and Industrial Combustion and Natcom burner brands are sold through authorized distribution. Aqua-Chem believes that its strong customer relationships result from its demonstrated commitment to a high standard of excellence to provide high-quality, energy-efficient, low-emission products with a demonstrated record of safety, reliability, and quality. Aqua-Chem’s rich history dates back to 1929, when the Company was founded as the John C. Cleaver Company. Two years later, Cleaver, an inventive engineer, met Raymond Brooks, an East Coast businessman, and the two introduced the “packaged boiler” concept. They formed a company that is recognized today as the privately held corporation Aqua-Chem, Inc., with 1000 employees located in several facilities throughout North America.

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