UWM: Continues to Lead Wisys Campuses in Patent Production

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MILWAUKEE — WiSys Research Foundation has obtained five of its seven patents from research at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and another 30 patent applications covering intellectual property disclosed by UWM faculty are in the patent prosecution process.


UWM faculty projects account for more than 80 percent of the disclosures currently accepted for patenting and licensing, says KC Lerner, UWM’s technology transfer manager.


WiSys is a subsidiary of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), which obtains patents on and licenses UW-Madison’s research. WiSys does the same for all other UW institutions, including UWM, the UW System’s only other doctoral research university.


Formed just over three years ago, WiSys attracts innovative ideas resulting from faculty research, files for patent protection and links with the business community to promote the licensing of patents. Once the license is sold, WiSys returns the revenue to the inventor, the university and the UW System.


Lerner expects the number of UWM patents to grow quickly because a number of new faculty who are active in research have been hired during the last few years, and funding for faculty research has seen significant growth. 


Current Patenting Activity at UW Campuses Other than UW-Madison


School               Accepted Disclosures                   Patents Filed                 Patents Issued


Eau Claire                2                                                              1                                              0

Green Bay                0                                                              0                                              0

La Crosse                2                                                              1                                              1

UWM                     30                                                           35*                                         5

Oshkosh                                0                                                              0                                              0

Parkside                 1                                                              0                                              0

Plattville 0                                                              0                                              0

River Falls                2                                                              1                                              0

Stevens Pt.                2                                                              1                                              1

Stout                      1                                                              0                                              0

Superior                 0                                                              0                                              0

Whitewater                1                                                              1                                              0             


Totals                  41                                                      40                                       7


* includes filing of 18 U.S. patents and 17 non-U.S. patents





UWM Faculty with Patents or Accepted Disclosures through WiSys



Mary Lynne Collins, Biological Sciences

Joseph Aldstat, Chemistry

James Cook, Chemistry

Peter Geissinger, Chemistry

M. Mahmun Hossain, Chemistry

Alan Schwabacher, Chemistry

Lian Li, Physics

Paul Lyman, Physics


Engineering and Applied Science

William Gregory, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (dean)

Ryo Amano, Mechanical Engineering

Christopher Gregory, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Jay Lee, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Graduate School

Sandra McLellan, WATER Institute


Health Sciences

Randall Lambrecht, Health Sciences (dean)

Anthony Azenabor, Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Bertram Ezenwa, Occupational Therapy & Mechanical Engineering