UW Madison: Housing Conference Addresses Affordable Housing

Kerry Vandell, 608/262-5800
Lee Gottschalk, 608/265-2032
Center for Urban Land Economics Research
University of Wisconsin-Madison

MADISON, WI – The 2004 Wisconsin Housing Conference on May 19-20 will focus on one of today’s hottest topics, preserving affordable housing. The conference is held each spring to focus public attention on issues relating to quality housing and neighborhoods in Wisconsin. It will feature experts who have devoted thought and research to affordable housing issues, as well as government officials and professionals who deal with it on the front lines every day.

“Preserving Our Affordable Housing Stock: New Challenges in a New Century” will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Fluno Center for Executive Education. Two thought-provoking and insightful national experts will offer their perspectives on preserving affordable housing: Michael Bodaken, president of the National Housing Trust and Conrad Egan, executive director of the National Housing Conference.

Up for discussion is the fact that hundreds of thousands of existing affordable housing units are at risk of loss. In tight rental markets, conversion to market rate use threatens the already scarce stock as use restrictions and subsidy contracts for privately-owned, federally-assisted multifamily housing units expire. In weak markets, disinvestment and deterioration pose the greater threat.

On both a state and national level, preserving existing affordable housing plays a critical role in creating mixed-income communities and alleviating the pressures of displacement for low- and moderate-income residents. In Wisconsin, Governor Jim Doyle has recently initiated a task force on affordable housing preservation aimed at addressing this important issue.

From tax-related issues to broader policy initiatives, the Wisconsin Housing Conference will address the many complex challenges and “hot topics” involved with affordable housing preservation today, both in Wisconsin and nationally. Cost to attend the dinner is $40 on May 19 and conference on May 20 is $80.

The Conference is co-sponsored by the UW-Madison Center for Urban Land Economics Research, Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) and the State of Wisconsin Dept. of Commerce, Division of Community Development

To receive a conference brochure or for more information, contact Lee Gottschalk at (608) 265-2032, email her at [email protected] or visit our website at: www.bus.wisc.edu/realestate/culer/calendar.htm.