UW Madison: Chancellor Wiley Statement on Lyall Retirement



“I am truly sorry to hear that Katharine Lyall has decided to leave the UW System after 12 years of superb leadership as its president.

“Katharine epitomizes what it means to be a great university president in her proven ability to keep the UW System moving forward, even in the face of fiscal adversity. Despite dwindling resources, she has made the system more accountable to its stakeholders by improving student success, efficiency and public service. She has also improved the return on the state’s investment by working tirelessly to define the university’s role as a central player in the state’s economy and quality of life.

“She has created and maintained a strong and efficient system of higher education in large part by allowing each UW campus the autonomy to develop unique programs that enhance student learning and research, and then ensuring that those programs receive the support they need to succeed.

“For UW-Madison, she has been an ardent supporter of efforts to address the needs of our students, the state and the world through her support of programs such as cluster hiring, the Madison Initiative, and numerous capital projects.

“I commend Katharine for positioning the University of Wisconsin System and UW-Madison to be successful for many years to come. She will be very difficult to replace.”