TDS Metrocom: Customer Demand Spurs New TDS Metrocom Product Offerings for Local Businesses

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Manager – Public Relations
TDS Metrocom
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One-stop shopping for phone service becomes more popular with small

TDS Metrocom is now offering local businesses bundled packages that include
unlimited local calling, long-distance options and an array of popular
features – all for one monthly price. The TDS Essentials and TDS Essentials
Plus packages are a result of the rising demand from small businesses for
simpler phone service choices and the increasing competitive offerings from
other providers in the telecommunications marketplace.

The appeal these types of bundled product offerings have on smaller
businesses is based on a set monthly price, the popularity of features
included, and the various other options such as DSL, toll-free service and
unlimited long-distance that can be added to the packages. “The sense of
having ‘one-stop shopping’ and getting everything they need for one set
price each month is important to smaller businesses,” says Michele Falkner,
manager of commercial marketing at TDS Metrocom. “It keeps things simple.”

Both TDS Essentials packages are available to businesses with five lines and
under and each has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Package features
include unlimited local calling, call forward, remote access, three-way
conference calling, call waiting, hunting and call transfer. Caller ID and
voicemail are also included in the Essentials Plus package. The Essentials
Package price is $29.99 per month and Essentials Plus is $36.99 per month.
Long-distance options, including unlimited long-distance for $18 more per
month, are also available.

A DSL Starter Pack that includes a bi-directional speed of 256K, five E-mail
accounts and a Dynamic IP address is also available for $29.95 per month.
Customers must have one of the TDS Essentials phone packages to be eligible
for the Starter Pack.

“Customers asked for it and TDS Metrocom answered by delivering competitive
and all inclusive packages that will meet their everyday business needs,”
says Falkner.

TDS Metrocom, part of the TDS family of telecommunications companies, is a
competitive local telecommunications provider established in 1997 that
serves key markets in Wisconsin, Illinois Michigan, Minnesota and North
Dakota. TDS, a Fortune 500 company, is a Chicago-based telecommunications
corporation founded in 1969 with established local wireline and wireless
businesses and rapidly growing competitive local phone service operations.
Through its strategic business units and business unit divisions, TDS
Metrocom, TDS Telecom and U. S. Cellular, TDS provides service to customers
in rural and suburban markets around the country. The company employs
approximately 10,900 people and serves more than five million local
telephone and wireless customers in 36 states. TDS Metrocom can be accessed
through the Internet at