Sundial Software Corporation: relaunches MyComputerStaff

Jason Edge
Sales & Marketing
Sundial Software Corporation
[email protected]

Madison, WI, Sundial Software Corporation re-launches MyComputerStaff
product offering.

MyComputerStaff is like adding a full-time “computer person” to your
small business staff for a fraction of the cost of adding one to your

Managing a small business can be a challenge. Computer problems often
command so much attention that they interrupt work, and the result is
hours of wasted time and frustration. A small business could hire their
own “computer person,” but the average network administrator demands
$40,000+/yr., and much of their time would be wasted; most small
businesses are far too small to keep a full-time “computer person“
occupied. Ultimately they’re left to fend for themselves.

MyComputerStaff from Sundial is the perfect solution for small
businesses that do not employ their own computer staff. Sundial’s
specialists literally become their computer staff, performing remote
network administration, preventative maintenance, fixing problems as
they arise, and recommending cost-effective solutions that will increase

For a nominal monthly fee, MyComputerStaff customers can expect to
receive the highest level of remote network monitoring, as well as;
monthly on-site checkups, included consulting services every month,
discounted rates for additional consulting services, high-level
availability and access to Sundial’s specialists and resources, remote
backup to Sundial’s secure backup servers, website hosting, and a
web-based history of service received, all in one convenient package.
There are 4 levels of MyComputerStaff, Lite, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
MyComputerStaff starts at $295/quarter for the Lite package and tops out
at $595/month for the Gold package.

“This service will free up time for small business owners and operators
to do what they do well, run their business without the hassle of
dealing with computer problems,” said Jason Edge, Sales & Marketing,
Sundial Software Corporation. “Our specialists are very good at what
they do, and you can utilize them as if they were your very own, but pay
a fraction of what you would putting someone on your payroll”, added Edge.

Strategically located in Madison, Wausau and Appleton, WI, Sundial
Software Corporation is a quality provider of outsourced information
technology including staff augmentation, specialized consulting, project
management, sophisticated software development, and small business
services to Wisconsin’s data processing community since 1996.

For more information, visit Sundial’s web site at,
call Jason Edge at 608-663-8100, or send an email to
[email protected]