RedPrairie: Announces Cooperative Marketing Alliance with TriEnda/Wilbert Plastic Services

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TriEnda/Wilbert Plastic Services To Cooperatively Market RedPrairie’s Entire Suite of Supply Chain Execution Technology Solutions

Waukesha, WI – RedPrairie Corporation, a leader in global supply chain technology solutions that drive business transformation, today announced it has formed a Strategic Marketing Alliance with TriEnda/Wilbert Plastic Services, a leading provider of plastic and packaging solutions. According to the Agreement, TriEnda/Wilbert Plastic Services and its network of more than 30 distributorships worldwide will cooperatively market RedPrairie’s comprehensive suite of Supply Chain Execution, Process Management and Tactical Optimization Solutions. A primary focus of the relationship will be the use of RedPrairie’s RFID-enabled solutions by TriEnda/Wilbert Plastic Services’ clients.

John Jazwiec, RedPrairie Company Leader, says, “Many manufacturers and suppliers have made substantial investments in mobile assets that are critical to conducting business. Without a way to track these resources, it is relatively easy for them to get lost in transit. Our partnership with TriEnda/Wilbert Plastic Services gives customers the ability to track and trace mobile resources, such as returnable pallets and cases, throughout their supply chains via RFID technology.”

TriEnda’s/Wilbert Plastic Services’ customers will place RFID tags on their returnable cases and pallets, which will be scanned at multiple touch points throughout the supply chain. As a result, companies will gain real-time visibility to their mobile resources, saving millions of dollars in annual expense.

Bob Klimko, Director of Marketing and New Business Development at TriEnda/Wilbert Plastic Services, commented, “We are partnering with RedPrairie because of our shared expertise in many of the same industries, such as Consumer Goods and Food and Beverage. We need an unbiased RFID partner that can work with any of the tag and hardware suppliers. RedPrairie fits both of these requirements; they are also a clear leader in RFID and supply chain execution technology. TriEnda/Wilbert Plastic Services has benefited from partnering closely with RedPrairie on several customer opportunities and our customers benefit from their RFID consulting expertise.”

About TriEnda/Wilbert Plastic Services.

TriEnda, part of the Wilbert family of companies, is an ISO 2000 manufacturer of heavy-gauge thermoformed plastic pallets, distribution and warehouse pallets, nestable and stackable pallets, export pallets, Big Paks, Yarn Paks, custom engineered dunnage and self-palletized shipping containers. As part of the largest industrial thermoformer in North America, TriEnda is dedicated to providing cost effective solutions that exceed our customers’ needs.

Wilbert Plastic Services is a leading supplier of plastic components to Fortune 100 companies. As the largest heavy gauge thermoformer in North America, and a major injection-molded component supplier, Wilbert Plastic Services offers value-added solutions to its clients.

About RedPrairie Corporation

RedPrairie is a leader in supply chain technology solutions that help customers transform their businesses. These global, end-to-end logistics solutions optimize operations across customers’ extended supply networks, driving out costs, improving customer service and creating competitive advantage. RedPrairie’s RFID-enabled suite of supply chain technology solutions provide the industry’s leading transportation, productivity, and distribution management capabilities, enhanced with process management and optimization components for real-time visibility, event management, sourcing, quality control, supplier collaboration and performance management. RedPrairie provides industry-tailored solutions for many markets, including consumer goods, direct to consumer and traditional retail, food and beverage, high tech / electronics, third party logistics, industrial / wholesale, automotive and service parts, and pharmaceuticals. Customers include Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Thames Water, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Panasonic, Georgia-Pacific, Eveready, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Unilever, Exel, GE, TNT Logistics,, and many others.