QRG Bioscience: Moves Headquarters to Madison, Wisconsin


RICHFIELD, Wisconsin
QRG Bioscience, a developer of therapeutic products for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, announced that it will be moving their cooperate headquarters from Richfield, Wisconsin to Madison, Wisconsin effective November 1, 2004. They will inhabit office space at 455 Science Drive within the University Research Park.

“We think that the biotech community in Madison will help our company flourish with the great human and technological resources there.” said Mark Underwood, Vice President of Product Development. “There are only a handful of communities that can support an endeavor as large as ours in the country and we are very proud to be in close proximity to a premier research institution and in a city with a track record of helping companies succeed.”

QRG Bioscience is developing therapeutics to address the imbalance of calcium ions that are commonly thought to be related to the neuronal degeneration seen in such diseases.

Mike Beaman, QRG Bioscience President and CEO said, “The Richfield location allowed us to get on our feet as we developed and established our business. Now in Madison we can go full steam ahead. The opportunities that are in Madison are limitless. We still maintain an office in Richfield, affiliated with our parent company, so maybe in time we will be able to help bridge the Madison-Milwaukee biotech gap.”

Research for QRG Bioscience is also underway in the laboratories of Dr. James Moyer, QRG’s Scientific Advisor, at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

It is the goal of QRG Bioscience to apply the technology developed from the aequorin molecule to develop products that fight the diseases of aging. Many different conditions are related to the disruption of calcium homeostasis and aequorin is being investigated to see how it may help restore the balance of that critical ion in the human body.

For more information, contact Mark Underwood, vice president of product development, at [email protected] or toll-free at 1-877-677-8652.