Platypus Technologies: Announces Addition of New Product Line: Contact Printing Kits-in-a-Bag

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Platypus Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of its newest product line: Contact Printing Kits-in-a-Bag. These Kits conveniently provide all of the components needed for researchers to transfer a chemical or biological agent from one surface to another using very specific patterns of transfer. These Kits are the first of their kind to be made available in the market and will be useful for various aspects of protein research.

Platypus Technologies develops, produces, and markets nanotechnologies for the physical and life sciences. Platypus is also developing a range of products based on a proprietary platform technology using liquid crystals for the rapid detection of molecular interactions. This technology fuses recent advances in nanoscale science, materials science and molecular biology to provide advanced tools for proteomics, cell biology, environmental monitoring and in vitro diagnostics. Platypus Technologies is located in the University Research Park in Madison. The Company’s web site is