Planet Propaganda Selected as Communication Partner For Design Concepts

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Suz Harms, Planet Propaganda
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MADISON, Wis. (October 25, 2004) — Madison-based product development group Design Concepts, Inc. has selected local communication firm Planet Propaganda to develop their brand image and marketing strategy. The goal: articulate what makes Design Concepts an ideal product development partner and develop a plan that positions the group to resonate with high-level business decision makers on a national and regional level.

“Design Concepts is an ideal client,” said Suz Harms, Planet Propaganda Brand Manager. “They’re a strategically sound creative company with a well-established culture, a loyal client following, and a passion for ingenuity applied. They seem perched on the verge of greater national awareness. And we look forward to helping them achieve it.”

Some of Planet’s initial work has included an in-depth brand audit, interviews with numerous clients, staff, and competitors, development of a brand personality, positioning the firm against national and regional competition, consultation on business strategy and culture-effecting operations observations, and mapping out the 2005 Communication Plan.

“We’re truly excited about our relationship with Planet Propaganda,” said Dave Franchino, Design Concepts Managing Director. “Planet immersed themselves in our business and quickly developed keen insights into our firm. I’m confident in their ability to accentuate and amplify our image in the product development marketplace and strengthen the Design Concepts brand.”

About Design Concepts:
Fueled by ingenuity, Design Concepts Inc. is a 45-person product development group with 35 years of experience creating honest, enduring solutions for clients, including: Wilson Sporting Goods, Herman Miller, 3M Company, Harley-Davidson, Motorola, and Kohler. Design Concepts provides clients with innovative new product solutions through user-focused product research, industrial design, engineering, and prototyping. For more information, visit

About Planet Propaganda:
Planet Propaganda is a creative communication company providing design, advertising, and active media for
desire-based brands, including Gary Fisher Bicycles, Bretford, Elektra Records, and Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches. For more information, visit