Orion: Names Greg Anderson to Vice President of Manufacturing

Contact: Steve Heins
Orion Energy Systems
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Anderson to Lead Orion’s U.S. National Manufacturing Efforts

(Plymouth, Wis.) Orion Energy Systems announced it has named Greg Anderson to Vice President of Manufacturing. Mr. Anderson was plant manager for Spiller Spring of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where he was responsible for all aspects of production for the last four years, directing a staff of 180 employees and 12 management people. Overall, Mr. Anderson has 16 years of manufacturing management experience.

“I was one of the first to adopt Orion’s energy efficient lighting back in 2000, so I had first-hand experience with Orion’s large energy savings proposition,” stated Mr. Anderson. “Do you remember the guy who liked the Remington razor so much that he went out and bought the company? Well, I was so impressed with Orion’s Neal Verfuerth and Orion’s high performance energy systems that I decided to join Orion’s march to national prominence.”

Orion has surpassed existing lighting technology with the development of the “Illuminator Series,” which competes directly with High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting products such as Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium. Starting in the summer of 2000, Orion began designing the high performance lighting system that became the Illuminator. Several Fortune 500 companies in the $50 to $100 billion market for industrial lighting have chosen Orion’s Illuminator, including R.R. Donnelley, American Standard, Pepsi Americas and UPS Logistics. Orion has designed an energy efficient lighting solution that delivers 50 percent to 100 percent better light while using 50 percent of the electricity consumed by HID fixtures.

“I am convinced that Orion is ready to grow exponentially, both in terms of national sales and manufacturing capability,” stated Mr. Anderson. “When this opportunity came along, I wanted to be a part of this world-class management team.”

Orion’s innovative Illuminator, an energy efficient lighting platform for industrial applications, has been awarded a series of 12 patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. As a fast growing Wisconsin company, Orion Energy Systems has received several prestigious awards including the Spirit of Ecology Award, the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Grand Award winner for the Emerging Growth category, the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award, Orion’s Neal Verfuerth received the Ernst & Young’s Wisconsin Manufacturing Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air named Orion Energy Systems a winner of the 2004 Clean Air Award.

“Now that Orion Energy Systems has begun to develop a national profile, I want to make certain that our manufacturing capabilities keep up with our expected growth, and Greg’s skills will play a major role in the process,” said Neal Verfuerth, president of Orion Energy Systems. “Orion is now poised to become an important player in the energy efficiency revolution going on in the U.S.”

About Orion

Orion Energy Systems has been innovating in the energy business since 1996. The company recently won the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Grand Award in the Emerging Growth category, which is given by the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Association. Orion also won the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award, was chosen as a ‘Success Story’ for the 2002 Governor’s Summit on Capital, and owns numerous patents.

Orion is an energy systems company that manufactures and markets energy efficient lighting solutions for the school, gymnasium, manufacturing, warehousing and commercial markets. Orion provides capacity displacement solutions for supply side management, transmission management, and demand side management for the electricity industry. For more information, please contact Stephen Heins, Director of Communications & Marketing; Orion Energy Systems; [email protected]; 920-892-9340, ext. 226; or visit the web site at www.oriones.com.