Orion Energy Systems: Trane La Crosse Operation Receives Environmental Stewardship Award for Energy-efficient Lighting Project

For Immediate Release

Combined with the Savings, Trane Improves Workplace with Full Spectrum Light

La Crosse, Wis. – The La Crosse, Wis., operations of Trane have been awarded an Environmental Stewardship Award from Orion Energy Systems for its commitment to energy conservation.

During 2003, Trane installed nearly 2,100 innovative, environmentally friendly lighting fixtures called The Illuminator from Orion Energy Systems of Plymouth, Wis., in two of its La Crosse manufacturing plants.

The new lighting system is providing a brighter work environment for employees and producing even brighter long-term energy savings for the La Crosse manufacturing operations of Trane.

Preliminary data shows that compared to the previous lighting system, the new system will reduce electrical consumption by more than 3.2 million Kilowatt hours (kWh)—more than a third of a Megawatt—per year. That’s enough electricity to power 300 average homes. Trane estimates the project will pay for itself in about two and a half years based on current consumption levels. Trane also received a Wisconsin Focus on Energy grant for taking energy-efficient steps.

The company also has received positive comments from employees in the plants about the improved lighting levels.

” Trane is making a tangible impact on La Crosse’s and Wisconsin’s environment by saving over 64 million kWh over the next twenty years, and this is why we are presenting Trane with this Environmental Stewardship Award,” said Neal Verfuerth, Orion’s president.

“In addition, they have improved the workplace environment for their employees with better lighting, and also added to their bottom line.”

Orion’s innovative Illuminator has earned several U.S. patents. It provides a full-spectrum light while using far less energy than standard fixtures. Using T8 fluorescent bulbs and electronic ballasts, the Illuminator is a fixture that harvests all 360 degrees of light using reflector logic and redirects it into the work space. Full spectrum lighting is the equivalent of sunlight at high noon and is used for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) treatment.