Orion Energy Systems: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

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New Energy Efficient Lighting Fixtures Save Almost 1 Million kWh Per Year

Milwaukee, WI – The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has received Orion’s Environmental Stewardship Award for an energy efficient lighting project that would be the equivalent of saving 3,554 acres of trees, removing 2,744 cars from the road, or saving 1.7 million gallons of gasoline over the life of the fixtures. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel installed 486 innovative and environmentally friendly lighting fixtures called The Illuminator from Orion Energy Systems of Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Over the lifetime of the fixture, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel print facility will save over 19.4 million kilowatt hours (kWh). Along with that, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will reduce electricity demand by over 147 KW, which is enough electricity to power 147 homes. Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, will be reduced by 14,527 tons. Carbon will be reduced by 3,962 tons. Sulfur dioxide, will be reduced by 53 tons. Nitrogen oxide, a greenhouse gas, will be reduced by 124 tons. In addition, mercury will be reduced by 2 pounds, according to EPA formulas.

“What got our attention immediately, when we started looking at energy efficient lighting, was the large return on investment, which was over 85% per annum,” stated Dennis Laskaskie, Facility Manager and Maintenance Supervisor for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “In fact, when I presented the budget request for the energy efficient lighting project to our CFO, Todd Adams, he said the 14 month payback made the project “a no-brainer.”

According to Mr. Laskaskie, “We replaced two year old lighting fixtures and still saw significant enough savings to make the change.”

Orion’s innovative Illuminator has earned several U.S. patents and recently won Wisconsin’s prestigious Spirit of Ecology Award and Manufacturer of the Year Award. It provides a full-spectrum light while using far less energy than standard fixtures.

“We certainly are pleased to receive the Environmental Stewardship Award from Orion,” Mr. Laskaskie continued. “As important to us, we have improved the workplace environment for our employyees. The vast majority of employees have found the new full-spectrum lighting to be brighter without the glare. In fact, many employees have noticed that they felt less tired at the end of the day with the new lighting.”

Using T8 fluorescent bulbs and electronic ballasts, the Illuminator is a fixture that harvests all three hundred and sixty degrees of light using reflector logic and redirects it into the workspace. Full spectrum lighting is the equivalent of sunlight at high noon and is used for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) treatment.

“I congratulate the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on adopting this environmentally friendly technology. First, they won an environmental award two years ago for their new print facility and now this Environmental Stewardship Award,” said Neal Verfuerth, Orion’s president. “Through this energy efficient lighting project, they are making a tangible impact on Milwaukee County and Wisconsin’s environment by saving over 19.4 million kWh over the next twenty years. This particularly important in an EPA designated ‘non-attainment zone.’ In addition, they have improved their workplace environment with 30% more foot candles and a better quality lighting, plus they have improved their bottom line.”

About Orion

Orion Energy Systems has been innovating in the energy business since 1996. The company recently won the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Grand Award in the Emerging Growth category, given by the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Association, the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award, was chosen as a “Success Story” for the 2002 Governor’s Summit on Capital, and owns numerous patents.

Orion is an energy systems company, which manufactures and markets energy efficient lighting solutions for the manufacturing, distribution center, warehousing, commercial, school, and gymnasium market. Orion provides capacity displacement solutions for supply side management, transmission management, and demand side management for the electricity industry. For more information, visit the web site at www.oriones.com.