MCCI: New Initiative Offers Help For Minority Contractors

For Immediate Release

MILWAUKEE – The Minority Contractors’ Capacity Initiative hosts its first learning and networking event Nov. 18, 10am-5pm. “Bonding: Choosing the Appropriate Sources and Levels” offers information and advice for small, minority and women owned contracting firms about surety bonds, how to secure them and how to increase their companies’ bonding capacity.

Sam Carradine, Director of Development and Diversity for the Surety Association of America and former Executive Director of the National Association of Minority Contractors, leads the opening on surety bonding and other issues impacting emerging contractors. A question and answer period follows. Carradine has been with SAA since 2000 and is responsible for outreach, advocacy, program development and technical assistance. He designed and implemented SAA’s Model Contractor Development Program and is working with local surety associations and state and local jurisdictions in promoting contractor development and bonding support programs throughout the country.

Afternoon sessions consist of workshops and opportunities for firms to meet with local bonding agents one-on-one. Workshops focus on the Small Business Administration, the Surety Bond Guarantee Program and WISDOT Bonding Technical Assistance.

Two sessions are scheduled to prepare contractors to meet one-on-one with local bonding agents at the November 18 event. The two session are Nov. 4, 5:30-8pm, and Nov. 13, 10am-12:30pm. Both are at the UWM School of Continuing Education, 161 W. Wisconsin Ave., Sixth Floor, in downtown Milwaukee.

This program is a MCCI collaboration among UWM, WI-NAMC (National Association of Minority Contractors) MBOC (Minority Business Opportunity Committee), WISDOT (Wisconsin Department of Transportation), SBA (Small Business Administration)

To learn more contact Nelson Soler, Director of Business Development, 414-227- 3105, 888-947-9947 or email