Majorium: Premieres Its Blended Training Catalog With 875 Customizable Corporate Training Courses

Timothy Bednarz – [email protected]

Stevens Point (WI) – November 30, 2004 – Majorium, a Wisconsin based
informational technology and training company, is premiering its blended
training catalog of 875 customizable corporate training courses.

Each blended training course features one or more of the following
interactive training components: classroom training, interactive workshops,
discussion groups, situational case studies and coaching and mentoring
tools. Each provides trainers and managers with comprehensive instructional
materials to seamlessly deliver these training components. Additionally,
each course provides training participants with eight self-directed lessons
that reinforce the selected training. All are supported by mutual
competencies and curriculums to create a genuinely blended training course.

Each course also includes testing, evaluation of results and certification.
Additional training options include pre-assessment and web-based testing.

Research shows that over seventy percent (70%) of all companies deliver
their own training. Majorium has created its blended training catalog with
courses that are customizable to address this corporate training need.
Quality content is provided in an easy to use format that makes the trainer’
s job easier by reducing the time required to research and prepare a quality
training program. For those companies who want to contract trainers,
Majorium can provide trainers to deliver the selected training at an
additional cost.

Majorium’s courses are focused in eight training areas including:
leadership, management, sales management, sales, customer service, sales
service, harrassment training and new sales representative training. It
offers courses in related areas such as empowerment, customer focused
skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, personal effectiveness and a
host of others.

Training can be conducted for groups as small as twenty-five and expanded
into large group training within geographically dispersed locations, using
Majorium’s Integrated Multicast Learning platform. For groups under
twenty-five employees, a minimum training fee will be charged.

Trainers will find Majorium’s Blended Training Catalog to be a valuable
reference tool as training needs arise during the year.

Majorium’s Blended Training Catalog is available at no cost or obligation by
sending an e-mail to [email protected], visiting their website at or calling 800.654.4935. Majorium’s Blended Training
Catalog can also be viewed on its website.