Majorium: Flexibility Gives Companies Seventeen Key Choices to Configure Customized Corporate Training

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Stevens Point (WI) – October 6, 2004Majorium, a Wisconsin based informational technology and training company, offers companies unparallelled flexibility to design corporate training programs to meet their needs through a variety of training configurations. Managers are given seventeen specific choices that allow them to customize a unique training program.


Choice One – Program

Managers can select from seven programs including: Leadership, Sales, Management, Sales Management, Sales Service, Customer Service and Harassment.


Choice Two – Curriculum

Managers can select from up to thirty-six individual curriculums in each Training Program. These are detailed in the individual Program Curriculums available from Majorium. Each individual curriculum includes eight self-directed lessons directly transmitted to the employees’ desktops, instructional materials for group discussions, testing, evaluation and certification. (Individual Program Curriculums can be requested at )


Choice Three – Number of Curriculums

Managers can build a custom training program that can extend from one to thirty-six individual curriculums to meet the training needs of employees. Individual curriculums from separate programs, such as sales and customer service, can be mixed to increase training individualization.


Choice Four – Training Groups

Managers can design different training programs for various employee groups to meet their specific needs. Training can be configured for individual groups or separate locations with a minimum of twenty-five employees.


Choice Five – Geographic Diversity

Due to the distance learning aspects of the Integrated Multicast Learning technology pioneered by Majorium, managers can simultaneously train large numbers of employees or ones in geographically diverse locations.


Choice Six – Order of Training

Managers can select the specific sequence in which their training curriculums will be delivered.


Choice Seven – Scheduling

Managers can identify the specific months they want their training to be delivered. It does not need to be delivered in sequential months.


Choice Eight – Delivery

Managers can determine when self-directed lessons should be distributed. They can choose to have lessons transmitted either once or twice per week. Once a week delivery extends the curriculum duration to two months. Twice a week delivery completes an individual training curriculum in four weeks.


Choice Nine – Days

Managers can specify the day(s) of self-directed lesson delivery (Monday – Friday). Delivery is consistent throughout the program. There is no variation in the days of delivery, once selected.


Choice Ten – Blended Training Reinforcement Tools

All instructional materials to lead a training group discussion session are included in each individual curriculum. Additional blended training components can be substituted or added to enhance the training. These include instructional modules for seminar programs, interactive workshops, situational case studies and mentoring as well as coaching tools.


Choice Eleven – Designated Trainers

Either managers or peers can conduct the blended training. The instructional component materials are comprehensive. Instructional guides lead the designated trainer through every phase of the training session.  Individual training leaders need to be identified so materials can be sent to them.


Choice Twelve – Pre-assessment Testing

Determine if pre-assessment testing is desired.


Choice Thirteen – Testing

Hand scored tests with answer keys are provided. Managers need to determine the individuals to administer the tests and be responsible to oversee the reporting of the results. Optional on-line testing is available to automate the testing and reporting process.


Choice Fourteen – Reporting

A contact person needs to be assigned to receive and report the testing scores if applicable, as well as the program evaluations.


Choice Fifteen – Start Date

Managers determine the starting dates of training. A minimum of forty-five to sixty days lead-time is recommended.


Choice Sixteen – Additional Specifications

Managers should identify any other specifications or requirements that are desired.


Choice Seventeen – Branding

Branding of training materials with a company’s logo and graphic design is available for contracts in excess of 500 employees.


Managers can obtain additional information by visiting or by calling 800-654-4935.