Innovation Associates, Inc.: Corner Drug Store Realizing Automation Goals with PharmASSIST Technology

James Reno
Reno Communications

Wisconsin Independent Cites Enhanced Efficiency, Organization, and Patient Safety as Major Benefits

JOHNSON CITY, NY – March 15, 2004 – Innovation Associates announces that Corner Drug Store of Baraboo, Wisconsin has become the latest independent pharmacy to realize their automation goals using the firm’s PharmASSIST automated prescription dispensing technology. Corner Drug Store selected Innovation’s PharmASSIST Enterprise System to address its primary goals of handling increased Rx volume without adding new staff, adding flexibility and reliability to their pharmacy workflow, and enhancing patient safety.

“Our decision to invest in PharmASSIST was driven by our continual growth and ongoing staffing needs,” says Paul Fritsch, owner of Corner Drug Store. “I wanted a reliable dispensing system that would help us not only address these issues, but also take us to the next level of quality in our workflow and dispensing of all prescriptions.”

Corner Drug Store employs a PharmASSIST Enterprise System, which offers a combination of automated prescription dispensing and workflow management software (PharmASSIST Symphony), to address their Rx volumes of up to 300 Rxs per day. The system comprises 2 PharmASSIST cabinets, 100 dispensers, and 5 workstations (Order Entry/Rx Imaging, Auto-Fill, Manual-Fill, and 2 Rx Verification). PharmASSIST seamlessly integrates with Corner Drug Store’s pharmacy management system, Lake Country Systems, enabling it to receive all prescription orders for both automatic and manual filling as soon as they are entered at the Order Entry workstation.

“From a benefits standpoint, I couldn’t ask for more. The system has helped us better organize our workflow, enabled us to track Rxs throughout the entire process, and improved the speed and accuracy of our filling and verification steps,” says Fritsch. “All of this has resulted in a major time savings of upwards to 100 hours per week, and freed up our pharmacists to spend more time counseling and performing other tasks.” He adds, “On top of that, the system’s quality checkpoints from beginning to end have given me the “peace of mind” of knowing we’re doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our customers.”

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