Informed Balance, LLC: New Business Provides Web, Usability, and eLearning Services

Jeff Horvath, President, Informed Balance, LLC, (608) 772-4999, [email protected]


Informed Balance, LLC Founded by former Berbee Information Networks Employee

Madison, WI – Informed Balance, LLC was established by former Berbee employee Jeff Horvath to help organizations better balance the needs of people, business, and technology. The company provides expertise in three related areas: web strategy – helping organizations get the most out of their web channel; usability – ensuring that products and websites meet the needs of the customers/users; and eLearning – helping design and develop efficient, effective, satisfying technology-based educational solutions for children and adults.

“Technology is simply a tool, not a solution. And successful solutions involve a careful balance between people, business, and technology,” said Horvath. Informed Balance works with decision makers in areas such as marketing, training, customer service, and sales, while coordinating with client technology groups. “Informed Balance really provided valuable advice about how to improve the design of our website and make it a better channel to our customers. They’ve been an excellent resource for our development team, and we expect to draw on their expertise as we move forward,” said Kim Koss, Director of Marketing Information and Web Services at Madison Gas and Electric, one of Informed Balance’s clients.

Informed Balance LLC is based in Madison, WI and serves the Upper Midwest. The address is 1004 Garfield St., Madison WI 53711; the phone number is (608) 772-4999, fax is (800) 443-5866, email is [email protected], and the website is

About Informed Balance: Informed Balance was founded by Jeff Horvath, Ph.D. Horvath began his career in academia investigating eLearning tools for teachers and students. He then spent time at Accenture as a Learning Architect and led the development of several web-based training tools. Following his time at Accenture and a brief stint as president of a startup eLearning company, Horvath spent almost five years leading Berbee Information Network’s User Centered Design and Web Analytics practice areas. While at Berbee, Horvath helped clients of all sizes in all industries around the Midwest ensure that their websites were usable and supported their overall business goals.