Governor Doyle: Signs Executive Order to Extend Military Differential Pay Benefit

Jessica Erickson, Office of the Governor, 608-261-2156

Order Ensures That State Employees Called to Active Duty Do
Not Suffer Financial Loss for the Duration of their Deployment

MADISON – Governor Jim Doyle signed an Executive Order today
that extends the “differential pay” benefit for Wisconsin state employees
called to active duty in the Wisconsin National Guard and Reserves.
Executive Order #50 extends the differential pay benefit to cover up to two
years of an employee’s active duty.

“Many of our brave Wisconsin troops in Iraq and surrounding
countries have received orders extending their tours of duty beyond one
year, months longer than most had anticipated,” Governor Doyle said. “This
Executive Order will ensure that these men and women who are proudly serving
their country will continue to receive this benefit, and will not have to
worry about their families suffering financially while they are risking
their lives overseas.”

Legislation signed by the Governor in March ensures that
state employees whose military salary is lower than their regular salary are
not financially penalized for serving their country. Under the law, which
is modeled after many private sector companies, the state will make up the
difference, if any, between the employee’s military salary and their state

The law provides differential pay for up to 179 days, and
provides that the Governor may, by Executive Order, extend that benefit.
The law is retroactive to January 1, 2003. Employees who were serving on
active duty on or after January 1, 2003 were immediately provided
differential pay for a period of 179 days. For employees serving longer
than 179 days, the Governor’s order will extend the benefit for the duration
of the employee’s deployment, or up to a total of two years.

Executive Order #50 can be found on the Governor’s website