Gov. Doyle: On Governor Doyle’s Trade Mission, Two More Wisconsin Companies Reach Agreements to Provide Services to China

Contacts: Christine Spella, Center for International Health,
Rick Uhlmann, CUNA Mutual Group, 608-231-8940
Jessica Erickson, Governor’s Office, 608 261 2156

Center for International Health Will Help Reshape Shanghai’s Emergency
Medical Systems; CUNA Mutual to Begin Serving Credit Cooperatives in China

NANJING – During a conference call home to Wisconsin
reporters this morning, Governor Jim Doyle announced that two Wisconsin
companies have reached agreements with Chinese officials to begin providing
services to China.

The Center for International Health (CIH), a Milwaukee based
consortium dedicated to improving public health worldwide, has signed an
agreement to provide training and technical assistance to the City of
Shanghai to upgrade their emergency medical response.

“The health care expertise we have in Wisconsin will help to
save lives in Shanghai, while creating a greater demand in China for medical
equipment and services created by Wisconsin companies,” said Governor Doyle,
who was present at the Signing Ceremony along with CIH President Mark
Anderson, former Shanghai Vice Mayor Madame Xie Lujuan, and Shanghai Public
Health Director General Dr. Liu Jun.

The agreement outlines steps to improve EMS care in
Shanghai, including development of a pilot EMS program, collection of
baseline data, and training of key Shanghai healthcare professionals at
Wisconsin coalition member facilities, such as the Medical College of
Wisconsin. The City of Shanghai has a population of approximately 17
million, yet only a limited number of emergency response vehicles.

The CUNA Mutual Group, which has its international
headquarters in Wisconsin, has also recently signed agreements to start up a
new operation to provide financial services to China’s credit cooperatives.
The company will expand its business operations to the Chinese credit
cooperative industry, which has more than 200 million customers, and expects
to begin offering its products in China later this year.

“This major business opportunity will benefit the company
and its 2,600 employees in Wisconsin, creating more jobs over the long term
and generating additional revenue that will help build the company’s
financial strength,” Governor Doyle said.

Earlier this week, the Governor announced that TrafficCast,
a Madison-based technology and software company, signed two agreements with
the City of Shanghai that will result in new investments worth tens of
millions of dollars and create dozens of new jobs in Wisconsin.

TrafficCast will be providing an unique software and
database system that will help Shanghai, with 20 million people and 1.6
million cars, manage traffic flow by providing traffic information on
websites, cell phones, PDAs, radio, and television. The agreement means
TrafficCast will expand its operations in Wisconsin, growing from 35
employees in Madison to more than 60.

“Many other companies in our delegation may not be ready to
sign agreements yet, but they are making inroads into a market with a vast,
untapped potential,” Governor Doyle said. “In China, direct contacts and
personal relationships are critical to doing business, and I hope the
friendships we’re building will ultimately lead to further business deals
that will create jobs for Wisconsin businesses.”

Governor Doyle is in China from March 19-31, leading the
largest trade mission in Wisconsin history. Individuals can follow the
trade mission by checking out the Governor’s daily blog on his website, The blog includes the Governor’s reflections on the
trip, as well as pictures and soundclips.