EMD: releases new web-based Signal Transduction Interactive Pathways


San Diego, CA: EMD Biosciences, Inc. (EMD), a major supplier of premium tools for proteomics and disease pathway analysis known through its global brands Calbiochem®, Novabiochem®, and Novagen®, today announced the release of several new Signal Transduction Interactive Pathways on its website. EMD is part of the Life Science and Analytics (LSA) division of Merck KGaA (Darmstadt, Germany) and operates as EMD Biosciences, Inc. in North America and as Merck Biosciences outside North America.

EMD’s Interactive Pathways provide researchers with useful, graphical tools that clearly depict known interactions that occur in cell signaling and can affect disease development. Clicking on a component of a pathway displays information about related EMD products, including antibodies, inhibitors, enzymes, proteins, enzyme substrates, and kits. Currently, EMD’s website displays more than 15 interactive pathways, which cover protein kinases (e.g., MAPK, PTK, and PKC), proteases and proteolysis (caspases and ubiquitin-proteasomes), growth factors (VEGF), receptors (GPCR), transcription factors (NF-κB), and disease processes including cancer and tumor angiogenesis, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes. EMD will continue to increase the number of interactive pathways available on its website.

These interactive pathways were designed to complement other popular EMD resources, including the recently released Inhibitor SourceBook™, the Antibody SourceBook™, Antibodies for Cancer Research, Protein Kinases and Related Research Tools, and Caspases and Other Apoptosis-Related Tools.

“As scientists continue to gain a more detailed understanding of various biological pathways, they need a comprehensive selection of products to accelerate their research,” commented Dr. Robert Mierendorf, Chief Technology Officer, EMD. “Because Calbiochem has been a leader in signal transduction research for more than 15 years, EMD is uniquely positioned to provide researchers with the antibodies, inhibitors, and kits they need. Our Signal Transduction Interactive Pathways provide a simple, intuitive method for finding the right products for a particular research area.”

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EMD Biosciences, Inc. provides a broad range of innovative life science research products used world-wide in disease-related life science research at universities as well as in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The company is part of Merck KGaA’s Life Science and Analytics (LSA) division and operates as EMD Biosciences, Inc. in North America and Merck Biosciences outside North America. Globally, EMD Biosciences is known in the scientific community through its product brands Calbiochem®, Novabiochem®, and Novagen®.

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