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EMD Biosciences attends 2004 R&D 100 Award ceremony

MADISON, WI, December 7, 2004: EMD Biosciences, Inc. (www.emdbiosciences.com; EMD Biosciences), a major supplier of premium tools for proteomics and disease pathway analysis known through its global brands Calbiochem®, Novabiochem®, and Novagen®, today announced that F. William Studier, a biophysicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory (www.bnl.gov/world), received a 2004 R&D 100 award for developing an improved system for high-density growth of bacterial cells to produce recombinant proteins. EMD Biosciences is part of the Life Science and Analytics (LSA) division of Merck KGaA (www.merck.de; Darmstadt, Germany) and operates as EMD Biosciences, Inc. in North America and Merck Biosciences outside North America.

This culture system, marketed commercially through EMD Biosciences’ Novagen brand as the Overnight Express™ product line, does not require an inducing agent or constant monitoring of cell growth. Cultures grown with Overnight Express media can produce cell mass and protein yields up to 20 times greater than those produced with conventional induction methods, can use the entire range of growth temperatures, and can be used to express a broad range of proteins. One version is a defined medium used to produce high-levels of selenomethionine-labeled protein (e.g., for x-ray crystallography studies), which are difficult to obtain with conventional non-inducing media.

The newly introduced Overnight Express Instant TB Medium is a complete granulated culture medium available in two formats: EasyPak, an aluminum foil pouch containing 60 g of granulated medium sufficient for 1 L culture, and in 1 kg bottles. The granules ensure rapid and uniform dissolution in water and prevent clumping of the medium and inhalation of the airborne powder. To use, just add the granulated medium to water, supplement with glycerol, and microwave to dissolve.
“We are very pleased to make these media available to life science researchers,” commented Dr. Robert Mierendorf, Chief Technology Officer of EMD Biosciences. “To combine improved yield with a streamlined, time-saving technology will enable many scientists to achieve their research goals even more quickly. We were honored to stand with Dr. Studier at the award ceremony in Chicago, and look forward to continued successful collaborations.”

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