DoJ: Lautenschlager Announces $334,974 Consumer Judgement Against South Carolina Co.

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Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager announced today that her office has obtained a $334,974.17 judgment in Marathon County against Leisure International, a Rock Hill, South Carolina company, for violations of the Wisconsin consumer protection laws.

Leisure International also uses the names RP Associates, American Direct, American Incentive, Merchandise Headquarters, INC Player Service, AIME, Asset Recovery, Lottowin, Money Management Advisors, IPC and DSI.

“The judgment completes a lawsuit brought in April of this year by the Wisconsin Department of Justice,” Lautenschlager said. “The lawsuit charged Leisure International with requesting and accepting payment from Wisconsin residents without disclosing in writing the information required by the Wisconsin prize notice statute, such as a statement of the odds the individual has of winning the prize and the verifiable retail value of the prize.”

“Leisure International sent prize notices to Wisconsin residents informing them that they had won large cash prizes. The notices informed the recipients that, in order to claim their prize, they had to first mail Leisure International a processing fee of typically between $10 and $20, but sometimes ranging up to $1,000. The recipients never received the prizes.”

Marathon County Circuit Judge Vincent K. Howard found that Leisure International violated the Wisconsin prize notice statute and enjoined the company from future violations. The court also ordered Leisure International to pay $327,800 in penalties and forfeitures for 88 violations of the prize notice statute, $5,137.80 to reimburse the state for its costs of investigation and prosecution, and $1,760.87 as restitution to Wisconsin residents who had sent Leisure International money.

The judgment was obtained by Lautenschlager’s Office of Consumer Protection with investigative assistance from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Assistant Attorneys General Jim Jeffries and Meredith Earley represented the state.