Digital Age Development Inc.: Better (and much less expensive) Way to Build a Website Now Available from Digital Age


Waunakee, WI – October 2, 2004 – Digital Age Development Inc. proudly announces the final release of its unique “Web Manager”™ website development, hosting and management system. Through this system, Digital Age can now professionally design, customize and implement a unique website for any organization across the country—and do so for up to 90% less than the typical web/IT consulting firm or ad agency.

Many organizations in this “digital age” seek to develop their own professional websites. And they should: A website is an ideal marketing tool, making basic information, sales tools, relevant training and even business products and services available to everyone with Internet access on a 24/7/365 basis worldwide. Unfortunately, professional web development is prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses, and those doing it on their own typically publish sites that are something less than professional (and even embarrassing). Hence, many organizations out there are facing the challenge of how to produce as professional a site as possible without having to pay the cost-prohibitive web consulting/ad agency prices.

Recognizing this challenge, Digital Age began working on its own solution in the summer of 2003, borrowing from earlier systems developed for several Wisconsin Fortune 500 companies. The end result is the Digital Age “Web Manager” website management system, a collection of online tools, logistical processes and an underlying programming engine/database that helps Digital Age professionally design, develop, host and maintain attractive, interactive and highly functional websites without having to charge standard consulting prices. With the Web Manager, a site that would normally take $25,000 to design and develop from scratch can now be done for as little as $2500 or so, a reduction of 90%.

The key to the overall system is the Web Manager “engine,” a sophisticated web-based program (tied to a supporting database) that is shared by all sites connected to the system. Instead of re-inventing the wheel every time a new website needs to be developed, Digital Age uses its Web Manager engine instead to drive such common elements as individual web pages, navigation, site colors, data management (users, organizations, administrators, etc.), meta tags and so forth. Additionally, Digital Age has developed dozens of highly functional page-based components (domain management, e-commerce, communications and office management, real estate management, project management, etc.) that can be added to any page instantly and without any additional cost. By developing a common engine to drive a potentially unlimited number of individual websites, most of the work is already done when a new website is begun and Digital Age can save its clients anywhere between 50-90% (as compared to what it would normally cost to professionally develop a similar site from scratch).

This means that organizations can leverage the Web Manager and receive a professionally designed site that not only manages content (pages, text, graphics, etc.) and data but also provides tremendous built-in functionality (newsletters, events, banner ads, interactive forms, etc.) as well. Digital Age still designs the overall website’s graphical interface (the “look and feel” that site visitors interact with on every page) so that every organization can have its own unique combination of images, colors and text (avoiding any “template-like” look to the site). But the remaining elements of the website all use the same underlying engine and are hence built-in and immediately available. Note that Digital Age even includes complete email account services with every domain utilizing the Web Manager.

But beyond the technical, the Web Manager also represents a more friendly, cooperative-based approach to web development and management. Essentially, organizations working with Digital Age are partnering with one another to develop and maintain a single grandiose system they can all share, paying an annual $400 hosting/licensing fee that is used to fund new system development as well as maintain and improve existing systems. While quite robust and already capable of providing basic functionality for all organizations using the system, clients can always request new functionality as well; if the request will ultimately benefit the majority of organizations utilizing the system, Digital Age will design, develop and implement that functionality free of charge. In short, Web Manager clients are essentially buying into a web-based cooperative, and can even contact one another for more information and advice if desired.

Finally—but just as amazing—is the fact that the Web Manager was completely designed, developed, implemented and test marketed by just two people working from their home near Madison, WI. This husband and wife team (Scott and Susie Huelsman, President and Vice President of Digital Age respectively) have combined over ten years of direct Internet, CD-ROM and general business development and consulting experience to build and market the Web Manager. Today, Scott concentrates on the technical, graphical, logistical and site developmental elements of the system, while Susie manages the overall sales and marketing effort and helps with professional development as well. Note that the Huelsmans are so convinced that their Web Manager system is the perfect product for its intended market that they have invested their entire life savings into its development and marketing.

The Digital Age Web Manager system represents an easier, more efficient and much more affordable way to build, host and manage a professional website. Through the Web Manager, organizations everywhere can take advantage of a common programming engine to drive its various pages and data, yet still have their own custom graphical interface and be able to make their own changes when desired. Considering how expensive and/or time-consuming it is to build a website from scratch, the Web Manager is the perfect alternative and is now fully online and ready to accept a potentially limitless number of new clients. Complete information regarding the Digital Age “Web Manager” website management system can be found online at


Scott or Susie Huelsman
President / Vice President
Digital Age Development Inc.
608-692-9367 or 608-358-1672