Dept. of Transporation: Governor Doyle Kicks-Off Four Year Marquette Interchange Reconstruction

Randy Romanksi, Department of Transportation, 608-266-1114
Ethnie Groves, Governor’s Office, 608-261-2156

Represents $810 Million Public/Private Investment into Transportation

MILWAUKEE – Governor Jim Doyle today kicked-off the start of
the $810 million Marquette Interchange reconstruction project.

“Four years from now we intend to celebrate the successful
completion of a brand new interchange that will be a safer and more
efficient gateway to the state,” Governor Doyle said. “Rebuilding the
Marquette Interchange is a key infrastructure element in my ‘Grow Wisconsin’
economic development plan. The project represents an $810 million
investment into the infrastructure of our state, and it’s a great example of
federal, state, and local government working hand-in-hand with business and
community leaders.”

The new interchange will place entrance and exit ramps on
the right and improve ramp spacing to improve traffic flow and safety. It
also maintains traffic flow by providing six lanes in and out of the
interchange. The design also provides enhancements important to the
community, such as freeing up land for development and aesthetic

“The Marquette Interchange is a significant step forward not
only for the Milwaukee economy, but for the economy of the entire state,”
Governor Doyle said. “Infrastructure is key to job growth, and this project
will affect jobs throughout Wisconsin.”

Governor Doyle also said that as his Administration makes
the necessary improvements to infrastructure in southeast Wisconsin, it is
still making major investments in transportation infrastructure across the

“From Highway 53 near Eau Claire, to Highway 151 near
Platteville, to major road work in the Fond du Lac area, we’re working to
encourage significant investments and growth across Wisconsin,” Governor
Doyle said.

Construction on the north leg of the Marquette Interchange
Project begins this month with work on bridges and ramps between the core of
the Interchange and North Avenue. The project will be constructed in four
years from 2004 to 2008, and two lanes of through traffic will be open in
all directions during construction.

“During the project, we are committed to keeping Milwaukee
open for business,” Governor Doyle said. “We want drivers to change their
approach, but not their destination.”

Governor Doyle also emphasized the early successes in
targeting a substantial portion of its investment to disadvantaged business
enterprise, or DBE, firms.

“I’ve already signed contracts for $114 million of
construction work on the Marquette Interchange this year, and I’m proud to
announce that more than $29 million – over 25 percent – of that investment
will be going to DBE firms that are building their own businesses while
investing in the local urban economy,” Governor Doyle said.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is providing
access to the latest construction and traffic information through public
information tools such as the project’s website at and a
telephone hotline dedicated specifically to the project.