Dept. of Commerce: Town of Jacksonport Delegated to Enforce Commercial Building Codes

Tony Hozeny, 608/267-9661

MADISON – Department of Commerce (Commerce) Secretary Cory L. Nettles today announced that Commerce has delegated the Town of Jacksonport, Door County, the authority to provide limited plan review services as well as conduct inspections of all commercial buildings located within its municipality.

“The Town of Jacksonport joins nearly 160 other state municipalities that have been delegated the authority to provide specified plan review services and conduct inspections on behalf of the Department of Commerce,” said Nettles. “This gives municipalities the opportunity to provide services on behalf of the state as well as their own enforcement activities on projects within the scope of their delegated authority. Typically, municipalities can provide more immediate service to local projects.”

Under the agent delegation agreement, Gary Hacker will be responsible for inspections and plan reviews for the Town of Jacksonport.

Municipalities seeking further information regarding the commercial building agent program should contact Henry Kosarzycki, Commerce, at 262/548-8615. Owners seeking submittal information to the scope of their projects can contact the Town of Jacksonport or Henry Kosarzycki.