Dept. of Commerce: to Forward Fuel-Injector Complaints to EPA

Tony Hozeny, Department of Commerce, 608/267-9661

MADISON — After a thorough investigation, Department of Commerce (Commerce)
petroleum inspectors have determined that there is no evidence of
contaminated fuel coming into the state. The Department’s regulatory
authority is limited to the inspection of fuel for contamination. In
analyzing the complaints about fuel injectors received from consumers, the
agency found no trends that pointed to problems with any grade of fuel,
brand of fuel, or service station or stations. The Department has exhausted
the investigative avenues within its regulatory authority and expertise.

“While our expertise and authority is limited to fuel contamination, our
concern for consumers is much broader,” said Commerce Secretary Cory L.
Nettles. “That is why we’re making the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
aware of these problems.”

Commerce is currently compiling the complaints and will forward the
complaints to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This step
will ensure that an agency with oversight and expertise beyond fuel
contamination can review the complaints and further examine the issues they