Communications Doctor: to Address Wisconsin Nurses

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The Wisconsin Nurses Association Annual Convention will be held Oct.28-29 at the Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, Wisconsin. The conference will include three seminars presented by communication expert, Susanne Gaddis, PhD. The first presentation, entitled “The Power of Positive Nursing” is scheduled from 1p.m-5p.m Oct. 28. and is designed to help nurses excel as professionals by developing healthy communications habits. “Unwrapping the Gifts We’ve Been Given,” will be from 9:10-10 a.m. Oct. 29. Nurses will learn how to use positive psychology to increase optimism and helpfulness in the workplace. “Listening Skills: Listening with Your Eyes and Ears,” will take place from 10:45-noon Oct. 29, and targets student nurses. This presentation addresses effective listening skills and includes how to correct mistakes commonly made through body language.

“The goal of the convention is to promote professional nursing practice by expanding knowledge, addressing pressures and envisioning the possibilities,” said Sue Carter, Assistant Director of the convention. “After reviewing Susanne’s website, reading her articles, and by talking with other states, we felt she would be an excellent choice to address our purpose and goals.”

“Possessing positive communication techniques, both verbal and non-verbal, is extremely important in any work environment,” said Gaddis. “The presentations include information that any nurse can use to improve their communication in the workplace.”

Susanne Gaddis, PhD, known as the Communications Doctor, has been speaking and teaching the art of effective and positive communication since 1989. Gaddis’ workshops, seminars and keynote presentations are packed with tips and techniques that can be immediately applied for successful results. Some of Gaddis’ clients include NASA, Bayer Corporation, American Nurses Association and SAS.

Workshop size is limited to 75-100 people. For more information visit or