CGM: Toy Developer Touts Fall/Winter As Prime Time For New Children’s Ideas.

CGM Says NOW Is The Time To Show New Products.

(Stamford, Connecticut) – When it comes to bringing new toys to market, TIMING, one expert says, can be everything. And, according to Gary Ahlert of CGM, that timing in the next several months can be the difference between getting a new toy invention idea successfully to the development stage, or having one that’s just lingering in the wings. But, Ahlert says, unfortunately many inventors with new toy ideas don’t realize that and miss out on the timing element.

“Meetings and licensing deals for new products are starting now in preparation for Toy Fair in New York City in February 2005,” says CGM President, Gary Ahlert, a third generation veteran in the toy licensing industry. Presenting your toy invention ideas to the industry at this time of year will raise your chances of getting a new idea licensed and sold to the industry.” Ahlert says contrary to popular belief, most great ideas come from ordinary people and individual inventors, not from professionals or from within toy companies. “The majority of all toy, game and novelty ideas come from the private sector,” he says. These creative individuals are the ones who come up with the ideas for almost all of the toys that you see in all the major stores. “One other often overlooked point is that no matter how great a idea is, most toy companies will not look at any new products from inventors unless they are submitted through a recognized toy agent,” says Ahlert.

In order to help as many toy inventors as possible to make it to that stage, CGM has relaunched Toy Search America, a worldwide search for the most creative new toy, sports, hobby, or children’s invention. And, this is the time of year when CGM’s popular Toy Search America really kicks into high gear.

Toy Search was implemented by CGM in an effort to bring out the most innovative toy invention ideas of the year and help develop them to marketable products. Last year’s Toy Search generated over close to 1000 toy invention submissions, of which approximately two dozen are now going through license development by CGM. CGM has helped guide dozens of new toys to market, including the popular Airzooka ( and Basketball Door Jam now being sold in retails venues and Internet sites worldwide.

During Toy Search America, if CGM finds a submitted invention idea to have market potential, the innovative product(s) would be introduced and presented to manufacturers in CGM’s meetings and at venues such as Toy Fair in New York City, and other trade shows both in the USA and Europe. CGM will accept submissions of ideas for new toys, games, or baby/children’s products. Additionally, as part of Toy Search America CGM is waiving the normal submission fees toy agents typically charge to review a new product concept.

CGM is a licensing/brokerage firm offering expert assistance in the areas of licensing new products to business and industry. CGM and it’s associates have had licenses with almost major toy manufacturer in the U.S. They have acquired licenses for dozens of unique products like: personal care items, books, novelties, music, health and beauty aids, medical & dental products and more.

Inventors interested in taking part in Toy Search America can call: (800) 678-8972

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