Career Momentum Inc.: Roy named Vice President

Clara Nydam

Career Momentum, Inc.

6441 Enterprise Lane, Suite 115

Madison, WI 53719-1164

Phone: 608-274-2430


“Hiring and promoting the wrong people is costly to business owners and can actually put them out of business,” says Greg Roy. Roy was recently named Vice President at Career Momentum, Inc. of Madison, WI. Career Momentum Inc. represents Profiles International, Inc., an internet provider of tools that help businesses allocate their human resources more effectively, improve management practices and put the right people in the right jobs. Their products and services are used by many Fortune 500 companies throughout North America and in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Career Momentum Inc. helps companies reduce ~ people problems~ by taking the guesswork out of hiring, training and promoting. This results in greater productivity for the employer plus greater job satisfaction and success for employees. Roy added, ~ We show companies how to save millions of dollars by reducing turnover, training expenses and lost business. We have the tools to overcome many of the ~people problems~ that affect an organizations bottom line.~

Mr. Roy has held General Sales & Management positions for business start-ups, and brings over 20 years of experience in resource planning and business development strategies.