Bohler-Uddeholm: Bohler-Uddeholm Thermo-Tech Approved as a Heat Treatment Source for General Motors!

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Rolling Meadows, IL – 1/16/04: Bohler-Uddeholm Thermo-Tech, a world-class heat treatment facility for tool steels and specialty materials, is pleased to announce that they have been approved by General Motors as a Provisional Heat Treatment Source for Premium Grade H13 die steel and other die materials. In compliance with General Motors’s Die Insert Material and Heat Treatment Specification, DC 9999-1. Thermo-Tech has met the stringent equipment, heat treatment, processing and laboratory guidelines established by the specification.

As part of the requirements for compliance, a 16 inch cube of Premium Grade H13 certified to the DC-9999-1 material specification, was heat treated, and tested by an independent laboratory to meet a minimum impact toughness, “Charpy V” of 80% of the initial capability test results. As a result of successfully meeting the requirements, Thermo-Tech is now permitted to heat treat die cast die inserts for GM’s tool sources.

Thermo-Tech, located in Mississauga, Ontario, is a state of the art facility focused on the thermal processing of tool steel applications. In addition to the 10 bar Abar-Ipsen furnace used to qualify for this specification, Thermo-Tech operates 2 and 5 bar furnaces along with atmosphere and Vacuum Tempering furnaces, a Nu-Bit Cryogenics unit and offers the THERMONITE surface enhancement (Ferritic Nitro-carburizing) process. Thermo-Tech also operates a Metallurgical Laboratory, staffed with degreed metallurgists capable of providing certification and technical support along with tooling related application recommendations.
The company is certified to both ISO 9002, and QS-9000 standards, with TS-16949 certification pending.

Thermo-Tech is part of the overall Bohler-Uddeholm Heat Treatment Alliance in North America. The Heat Treatment Alliance allows Bohler-Uddeholm to supply the highest quality steel and assurance to customers that the best heat treatment practices are being utilized to enhance the characteristics of their products.
Thermo-Tech’s recognition as a Heat Treatment Source for General Motors further strengthens the position of the alliance, in which four of the current partners are approved, either provisionally or fully.

For details on General Motors Heat Treatment Sources contact Thermo-Tech at 800-665-8335 or visit its website at For more information about Die Insert Material, Heat Treatment Specification, the Heat Treat Alliance, or to view DC-9999-1 specification, visit or call Bohler-Uddeholm at 800-638-2520.