PDS: PDS MidMarkIT Suite Provides Technology Solution for Mid-sized Companies

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- Integrated Product Manages IT Infrastructure, While Providing Support and Sourcing Services -

Oconomowoc, Wis. (November 16, 2005) – Paragon Development Systems (PDS) announces an integrated solution for medium-sized organizations seeking information technology (IT) management services – appropriately titled the PDS MidMarkIT™ Suite. The suite of services offers infrastructure, support and product services, which streamline processes giving smaller organizations the freedom and flexibility to focus on strategic initiatives.

IT processes and services are gaining ground as the keys to organizational credibility and long-term survival for companies of all sizes. PDS recognizes this trend, while servicing mid-sized companies in healthcare, financial, legal, manufacturing and insurance industries.

“Over half of PDS’s current client base consists of large healthcare companies, so bringing services to smaller organizations such as clinics, independent physician groups and other smaller practices is a natural fit,” said Craig Schiefelbein, CEO of PDS. “With the PDS MidMarkIT™ Suite, a scalable model has now been developed so smaller organizations can leverage PDS’s enterprise experience, which includes the buying power of relationships with Tier 1 manufacturers, such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft and Cisco.”

The PDS MidMarkIT™ Suite reflects an industry-wide focus on businesses with 25-999 employees. IT managers at mid-sized businesses face challenges in managing growth and expansion, while also finding innovative technology solutions to business problems and providing day-to-day support for their end-users. These challenges are hard enough for large companies, but mid-sized companies often lack the manpower or time to look beyond the basics and provide measurable contributions to competitiveness and the bottom line. The PDS MidMarkIT™ Suite allows management to look at more important IT issues like cross-business processes and strategy.

Increasingly, IT managers at mid-sized companies are being measured against business performance. According to Gartner, Inc., an IT industry research group, pressures to demonstrate value, competitive effectiveness and cost efficiency continue to demand IT professionals focus on business success. Gartner predicts, by 2008, more than half of small- to mid-sized business IT executives and team members will have primary backgrounds in business, as opposed to traditional IT skills.

“This major industry shift calls for IT companies to change their offerings with an eye toward cross-business processes and strategic services, while providing measurable contributions to efficiency and revenues,” said Schiefelbein. “PDS delivers this with the innovative PDS MidMarkIT™ Suite, which provides a variety of infrastructure, service management and IT product services, each contributing to greater client productivity and performance.”

The PDS MidMarkIT™ Suite gives mid-sized businesses a way to integrate communications, create shared environments, manage system presence, provide identity management, and consolidate storage and servers. What separates PDS from its competitors is its delivery of end-user support, as well as its ability to manage supply-chain needs all in one, single-integrated product.

“We know companies are spending more on IT, especially security, storage and applications, but they still look for improved efficiency, despite tightened budgets,” said Schiefelbein. “The PDS MidMarkIT™ Suite shifts the focus from traditional cost-cutting techniques to process improvement, a measure that will not only affect costs, but also performance. With this offering, we can demonstrate total cost of ownership and the use of the Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) to streamline performance and improve effectiveness, while leveraging regulatory compliance efforts to improve efficiencies.”

About PDS
For 19 years, PDS has been a provider of high-value IT services and solutions to medium and large sized organizations. As a technology services company, PDS architects, supplies, implements and manages clients’ IT infrastructure. PDS supports its clients with a series of targeted, tested solutions that improve ROI, increase end-user satisfaction, mitigate risk and lower costs.

Headquartered in Oconomowoc with offices in Brookfield and Madison, PDS services clients nationwide in four primary markets: healthcare; government/higher-education; corporate; and professional services. With 19 years of consecutive annual revenue growth and annual sales exceeding $85 million for 2004, PDS continues to successfully evolve as a leading technology services company throughout the upper central Midwest.

In addition to being a major Tier 1 product reseller, PDS manufactures its own PDS-branded PCs in an ISO 9001:2000-certified 43,000-square-foot configuration center. PDS also recently invested over $1.5 million in constructing an in-house, world-class 24/7 service desk solution based out of the Madison office offering clients single-point-of-contact, ITIL aware resource for service management.

PDS holds over 400 certifications in assembly, technology services, installation and support of computer systems and services and was assessed and approved by National Quality Assurance, U.S.A., an accredited ISO 9000 auditor.

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