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CC&N and Gateway Technical College: Develop program to advance careers of field technicians

Contact: Monica Baer

Initiative Is First Low Voltage Cabling Class Created in Partnership with Employer

Brookfield, Wis. (July 2, 2018) – CC&N and Gateway Technical College have launched a Low Voltage Certified Technician (LVCT) program to hone the skills and knowledge of field technicians. Those who complete the 26-week course over a two-year period can earn up to 15 nationally recognized industry certifications, as well as college credit.

The LVCT program was designed to address a lack of formal training programs within the cabling industry and increase employee retention. It’s also a way to encourage more young people and later-life adults to consider a career in the trades since it provides a pathway for professional growth and development.

CC&N, a wired and wireless network infrastructure provider, employs 90 technicians and currently is looking to hire approximately 20 more.

“For those who are in the field, the LVCT program is a significant learning opportunity to develop a better understanding of the technical reasons we follow certain procedures and guidelines during an installation,” says Matt Hay, safety and technical training manager at CC&N who taught some of the classes.

This April, seven CC&N technicians completed the spring 2018 class and will return in spring 2019 for another 13 weeks. Classes were held from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Fridays and all participating employees were paid for their class time.

Bryan Castillo of Wauwatosa joined CC&N in 2017 after six years in retail and restaurant management. The stress and anxiety were starting to impact his health when a friend who worked at CC&N told him the company was hiring.

“I hadn’t thought about the trades before but I like what I’m doing in the field because there’s something new every day. It’s also improved my quality of life. I now have a work-life balance because I have nights and weekends off. That actually makes a really big difference,” says Castillo. “I’ve been at CC&N for a year so the class gave me a better understanding of my job and why we do things the way we do. It also opened my eyes to more careers and opportunities in the future.”

Since the program has generated excitement at CC&N among its field technicians, the company plans to enroll a second group of 8-10 employees in spring 2019.

“As the weeks progressed, I saw increased confidence and success, with most of the students earning all certificates and certifications possible,” says Randy Reusser, RCDD, the instructor at Gateway Technical College who taught a majority of the classes. “The students see direct benefit in their day-to-day work as much of the training is focused on aspects of their current jobs.”

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