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Widen: Integrates image recognition services that auto-tag metadata

Contact: Jake Athey, VP of Marketing, Widen

Madison, Wisconsin — Widen has integrated its digital asset management (DAM) platform with four image recognition services that use artificial intelligence (AI) to auto-tag metadata. Integrations with Amazon Rekognition, Clarifai, Cloud Sight, and Imagga are now available to Widen Collective customers. Widen believes these AI tools can help marketing teams find a balance between automation and human perception.

“Our position is to embrace AI and invite marketers to choose the right service for different assets,” said Deanna Ballew, VP of Product Development at Widen. “AI can complement human creativity and intuition, but it cannot replace them.”

Image recognition services increase the searchability of images by recognizing attributes and applying them as tags or keywords. Admins can set auto-tagging for specific upload profiles and metadata fields to ensure that new images carry standard information, no matter who submits them. Currently, the services detect:

General keywords that are ideal for stock photography
Sentiments such as happiness, sadness, or anger
Demographics, including age, gender, and ethnicity
Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content with the option to auto-delete or restrict use
Colors that appear in the image
Industry-specific keywords such as the ingredients shown in a picture of food
Celebrities by name

In the future, Widen expects to add video auto-tagging and facial recognition to this repertoire. Users will be able to train image recognition algorithms on company data to improve their accuracy and ability to recognize brand-specific tags.

“Over the summer, we tested image recognition extensively then invited dozens of customers to experiment with the four services we liked best. Based on our experiences and customer feedback, we think that AI will reduce the time that people spend manually tagging assets,” said Chris Schroeder, Product Manager at Widen. “For major projects, like user-generated photo contests, auto-tagging will be a welcome ally.”

Widen introduced the image recognition integrations with its 100th DAM release since 1996. More information about the release is available at http://www.widen.com/blog.

About Widen: Widen is a content technology company that powers the content that builds your brand. Leveraging cloud-based resources, Widen delivers configurable, scalable, and cost-effective digital asset management solutions to help you easily store, search, and share your digital content. Organizations of all sizes use Widen's cloud-based DAM solution, the Widen Collective, to streamline their marketing and creative workflows and make their content work harder. Widen is trusted by hundreds of thousands of users around the world at organizations like LG, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Trek Bicycle Corporation, Cornell University, New Orleans Tourism Marketing, the Atlanta Falcons, Red Gold Tomatoes, Electrolux, and Yankee Candle. To learn more about Widen, go to http://www.widen.com.

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