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Idle Free Systems: Launches new anti-idling system for snow plows, municipal, utility and other work trucks

Madison, WI - In a move to accelerate its position as a leader in anti-idling solutions for the trucking industry, Idle Free Systems, Inc., the industry’s most innovative anti-idling technology design and manufacturing company, today announced the launch of a new anti-idling system specifically for work trucks. With this new product, Idle Free is aggressively expanding its offering into vocational markets across North America to include snow plow, utility, and delivery applications, among others.

Designed for the day cab or work truck market, the Idle Free Work Truck No Idle Heat System™ provides up to eight hours of interior cab heat with the truck engine turned off. Unnecessary workday idling is eliminated, which Argonne National Laboratory reports consumes more fuel than overnight truck idling. The Work Truck No Idle Heat System, ideal for any municipal, delivery, vocational and utility truck, uses a coolant heater to provide engine heat and interior cab heat. Additionally the system provides 12-volt electrical power for work truck functions, such as running lights or communication systems. An Engine Start Module (ESM), similar to an ultracapacitor, is fully integrated into the system and part of the unique design of the system can start the truck even if the truck batteries are dead.

“While continuing to provide the same high standards for our Class 8 auxiliary power units, a new era begins with the introduction of Idle Free’s work truck anti-idling systems,” said Robert Hopton, CEO, Idle Free Systems. “This technology development provides significant benefits to the work truck marketplace. Snowplows in cold weather conditions, sanitation trucks, couriers with frequent starts and stops and any other work trucks are excellent candidates for the Work Truck No Idle Heat System. Operators can run their heat, lights and communications devices without idling the trucks thereby saving fuel costs and engine maintenance.”

Installation of the system, which typically takes only three hours, actually decreases the overall weight of the truck by about 35 pounds. With this system design, Idle Free eliminated the need for dedicated enclosures for any of the system components, making for a simple, clean, easy installation. As an example, the engine start module fits into any truck battery box that has more than a single group 31 battery.

Idle Free Systems Work Truck No Idle Heat System will debut on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Pennsylvania, a state where some areas can get up to 113 inches of snow each year, is equipping its fleet of snowplows with the new system. In Pennsylvania, as with most snowplow operations, trucks are deployed and then idle for hours prior to a storm hitting in order to be prepared to service roads as soon as snow starts to fall. While waiting to be released to start plowing, a driver is required to be on location, in the truck and therefore needs heat for comfort, the lights on for safety as well as operating communication equipment to stay in contact with headquarters. The Idle Free system will enable the fleet to handle all those needs without the cost and environmental impact of idling the truck.

“When bad weather is in the forecast, our snowplows are deployed and stand idling, waiting for the first snowflake to fall,” says Pennsylvania Turnpike Director of Maintenance, Todd Garrison. “Installing the Work Truck No Idle Heat System will help keep our employees comfortable while eliminating needless idling and reducing emissions. With the fuel savings we see, it will also help stretch our winter maintenance budget.”

About Idle Free Systems
Idle Free Systems, Inc. ("Idle Free") is a leading designer and manufacturer of electric idle elimination technology for all segments of the commercial trucking industry and school buses.

For over-the-road trucks, the Idle Free electric APU is The Complete Electric APU Solution™ that offers drivers and fleet operators a flexible, cost-effective alternative to discretionary idling without compromising performance, cost savings, driver comfort, or environmental safety. Unique to the Idle Free over-the-road APU is its ability to be powered three ways: an independent battery bank, Shorepower and Reefer Link™, Idle Free’s proprietary, patented technology run by the reefer. Idle Free is the only APU on the market that can be powered by the reefer.

Idle Free Systems web site: www.idlefreesystems.com

Media contact for Idle Free:
Patti D. Hill
(512) 218-0401

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