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Minhas Craft Brewery: Breaks the 166-year record for production and tours

Monroe, WI -- Minhas Craft Brewery is pleased to announce the conclusion of a banner year at the Oldest Brewery in the Midwest. In 2011, the Brewery produced almost 300,000 barrels of beer, which works out to 75 million pints of beer. This is the highest amount the brewery has produced in its glorious 166 year history. It should be noted that in 2010, the Brewery produced 260,000 barrels of beer – matching the highest beer the Brewery produced in the late 1980s during the heyday of it producing and marketing the venerable Augsburger beer. In 2011, the Brewery which has been producing beers from the same location since 1845, smashed all previous records by an amazing 15%.

The Brewery also broke its all time tour and gift shop record by 33% in 2011, bringing a lot more tourists into Green County, which is a great help to the local economy including its restaurants, retailers and a boon to other local attractions.

The Brewery attributed the increase in production to:
* The introduction of its craft beers such as Chocolate Stout, Double IPA, American IPA and Traditional Ale under its own brands as well as private brands. These beers have been particularly successful in California, Arizona, the east coast and parts of Midwest.
* Increase in sale of heritage brands such as Huber Bock and the contract produced Rhinelander Shorty
* Increase in sale of its value brands such as Boxer Lager and Mountain Crest Classic Lager

The record production has been achieved with an intensive capital investment program that has been ongoing for 5 years, with a price tag of over $6 million. The innovation taking place at the Brewery in terms of creating great new craft recipes as well as creating new packaging configurations has taken place at a torrid pace – in large measure to the creativity of the Mr. Kris Kalav, its Brewmaster, other Brewery staff and the use of all the new equipment installed at the brewery. Of course, the innovation and extra production is a boost to the local economy resulting in new and sustained employment for the Green County residents. Gary Olson, the President thanks the residents of the Green County and Southern Wisconsin for their support of the Brewery’s brands..

With the continuing success of its craft brands such as Chocolate Stout and IPA, the Brewery expects to produce even more beers in 2012. The Brewery has had a great start in 2012, with the January production being the highest ever in the Brewery’s history.

For more information and interviews, please contact Mr Gary Olson, President at (608) 328-9112 or at gary.olson@MinhasBrewery.com

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