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St. Croix EDC: Another decade of growth for St. Croix County communities


Bill Rubin/Jacki Bradham

St. Croix EDC


Towns, Villages, Cities Add Population, But Retain Small Town Attributes

Communities in Wisconsin’s fastest-growing county have a common denominator — they’ve grown, and in some cases, grown extensively from 2000 to 2010.

Between the official census counts, the Demographic Service Center of the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) releases population estimates for local units of government. Preliminary population estimates for towns, villages, cities, and counties were released by the DOA in August and will be finalized later this fall. The estimates are used to determine state or federal aid, and in some cases, are a measure of economic vitality.

“As an outlying county in the Twin Cities metro area, St. Croix communities have experienced large population gains that go back to the 1970s and 80s,” said William Rubin, executive director of St. Croix EDC. “Balancing population gains with additional demands on community services like public safety, infrastructure, and school expansions can be a difficult task for local officials. The communities in St. Croix have retained their small town charm even with the population gains.”

With the exception of the Town of Stanton (a numeric decline of 6 people) and the Village of Deer Park (no increase or decrease) all other communities reported population gains since 2000. By percentage increase, the Town of Richmond reported an 85.9% increase from 2000—2010. The Town of Hammond reported an 84.1% increase and finished a close second. For villages and cities in St. Croix County, the Village of Roberts grew by 57.9, followed by the Village of Somerset (+48.2%), Village of Hammond (+41.6%), City of Hudson (+35.6%), City of New Richmond (+26.9%), and City of River Falls — St. Croix County portion — (+25.8%). River Falls is located in both Pierce and St. Croix counties and reported an overall increase of 15.3% since 2000.

By numeric increase, the City of Hudson added an estimated 3,125 people from 2000—2010, followed the Town of Hudson (+1,732 additional residents), City of New Richmond (+1,697) and the Town of Richmond (+1,336).

Like River Falls, Spring Valley is located in two counties. Spring Valley added 148 new residents for an increase of 12.4%. The St. Croix County portion of Spring Valley doubled its population, going from two to four residents, but was not included in the comparison of statistical leaders listed earlier.

The U.S. Census estimates will eventually replace the 2010 numbers from the Department of Administration. The Census estimates are expected to be released next Spring.
Population growth table

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