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Orion Energy Systems: MarquipWardUnited Announces Large Environmentally Friendly Initiative

Energy Efficient Lighting Project Equivalent to Removing 3,357 Cars from Road

February 16, 2004. Phillips, WI. Marquip Ward United, a Division of Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc., manufacturers of high-speed corrugating, sheeting, and finishing machinery, has announced the completion of an energy-efficient lighting project in its 285,000 square feet manufacturing facilities in Phillips, WI. MarquipWardUnited expects to save 1.18 million kilowatts hours (kWh) annually and 23.7 million kWh over the sustainable lifetime of the lighting fixtures. The project is being managed and supplied by Orion Energy Systems of Plymouth, Wisconsin.

In addition, the Wisconsin-based corrugated equipment manufacturer will take enough power off the electrical grid to provide enough electricity to power 155 homes or a bedroom community of over 620 people, according to the EPA formula.

After completion, the environmental impact of MarquipWardUnited energy- efficient lighting project is expected to decrease air pollution and environmental damage over the lifetime of Orion’s fixture, the Illuminator, by 17,777 tons of carbon dioxide, 4,848 tons of carbon, 65 tons of sulfur dioxide, 152 tons of nitrous oxides, and 3 pounds of mercury. This is the equivalent of saving 2.15 million gallons of gas or planting 4,349 acres of trees.

“This large act of sustainable reduction of electrical consumption by MarquipWardUnited should serve as a blueprint for other companies in Northern Wisconsin as they mitigate the need for future power plants and still save money,” stated Neal Verfuerth, President of Orion Energy Systems. “It was a project that was good for business and good for the environment. Also, by providing more and better light in their manufacturing facility, MarquipWardUnited has improved their workplace for their employees.”

As an emerging Wisconsin company, Orion Energy Systems has received the prestigious Spirit of Ecology Award at the 32nd Annual Governor’s New Product Award Program for the Illuminator. More recently, Orion received the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Grand Award winner for the Emerging Growth category by the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award. In addition, Orion was chosen as a "Success Story" for the 2002 Governor’s Summit on Capital.

When describing the energy-efficient lighting project of almost a 1,000 fixtures, Mike Henningfeld, - Maintenance Supervisor of MarquipWardUnited, commented, “In a nutshell, this lighting project was awesome. From the ease of installation and rapid delivery of our order to the verifiable energy savings, we couldn’t be happier, especially when you consider the challenge of lighting the final assembly area where we have 65-foot high ceilings. And finally, our employees like the improved color rending offered by the full spectrum light, plus we eliminated the humming sounds and vibration coming from our old fixtures.”

About Marquip Ward United
MarquipWardUnited, a Barry-Wehmiller company, is an international market leader in high-speed corrugating, sheeting, and finishing machinery for the corrugated paperboard and folding carton industries. Operating from their corporate headquarters in Phillips, Wisconsin, with additional facilities in Baltimore, Maryland and Madison, Wisconsin; and sales offices and parts warehouses strategically located around the globe. Ward Machinery Company, a world class Baltimore-based manufacturer of finishing equipment, was merged with Marquip in 2002. Then, the merger of Marquip, Ward, and United to form MarquipWardUnited has created one of the largest global suppliers of equipment to the corrugated industry. For more information about Marquip Ward United, visit http://www.marquipwardunited.com; or for more information about Barry-Wehmiller Company, visit http://www.barry-wehmiller.com.

About Orion
Orion Energy Systems has been innovating in the energy business since 1996. The company recently won the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Grand Award in the Emerging Growth category, given by the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Association, the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award, was chosen as a "Success Story" for the 2002 Governor's Summit on Capital, and owns numerous patents.

Orion is an energy systems company, which manufactures and markets energy efficient lighting solutions for the manufacturing, distribution center, warehousing, commercial, school, and gymnasium market. Orion provides capacity displacement solutions for supply side management, transmission management, and demand side management for the electricity industry. For more information, visit the web site at www.oriones.com.

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