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Dept. of Commerce: Sets December 31, 2010 deadline for compliance review of farm petroleum storage tanks

Contact: Tony Hozeny, Department of Commerce, 608/267-9661

MADISON---Petroleum storage tanks originally installed underground that are now being used for other purposes are not in compliance with Ch. Comm 10, Wis. Adm. Code, which covers flammable, combustible, and hazardous liquids. Farm owners of these tanks should contact Department of Commerce staff before Dec. 31, 2010 to identify compliance issues. Regional Commerce representatives can be found at http://commerce.wi.gov/ER/pdf/bst/Forms_FM/ER-BST-Fm-9687TankerMap.pdf

“Improperly-used storage tanks, wherever they are installed, can cause environmental or other hazards,” said Department of Commerce Secretary Aaron Olver. “Commerce staff can help owners find safe, cost-effective compliance methods.”

Whether in commercial or farm use, underground storage tanks (USTs) that have been removed or taken from use must be scrapped unless recertified for specific use under Comm 10. They are not intended for use as underground septic tanks or aboveground liquid storage of any type. Commerce has learned that noncompliant USTs that were not scrapped have often found new uses in the farm community as non-compliant motor fuel systems.

Because the general public rarely comes in contact with farm tanks, and these tank installations do not face the same logistical issues as commercial tank installations, Commerce believes that some existing farm systems can come into compliance with technical upgrades.

Commerce will determine compliance deadlines based upon farm-specific situations. A table specifying tank requirements and issues is available at http://commerce.wi.gov/ER/pdf/bst/ER-BST-AmnestyPeriodForFuelTanksOnFarms_TableOnly.pdf

Above-ground storage tanks should be registered with Commerce at http://commerce.state.wi.us/ER/pdf/bst/Forms_FM/ER-BST-Fm-8731-AstReg.pdf

Underground storage tanks also require registration at http://commerce.state.wi.us/ER/pdf/bst/Forms_FM/ER-BST-Fm-7437-UstReg.pdf

There is no fee for either registration.


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