Broadcast Interactive Media: Launches YouNews™/City Dictionary partnership

Community Terms, Slang and “Isms” Featured on Local Media Websites

MADISON, WI – December 16, 2009 - Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) today unveiled a new partnership between Social Media Platform, YouNews™ and hyper-local content provider City Dictionary ( The two Madison, WI-based companies have combined forces to provide users of the nearly 80 YouNews affiliates across the U.S. an opportunity to experience and contribute to a growing localized dictionary of community terms, slang, “isms” and definitions.

City Dictionary, launched in May 2008, showcases the personality of individual cities through eccentricities of language and culture. The site relies on input from registered users, or “citizens” who contribute words or phrases and share information about attractions, events, restaurants, people and more. Case in point: a Milwaukee drinking fountain is called a “bubbler” and “slugging” in DC is a form of hitchhiking that allows commuters to use the faster HOV lane. Information and little-known facts abound on City Dictionary, which earned the top prize in the 2009 G. Steven Burrill Business Plan Competition.

“We’re capturing the local subtleties of American cities that other resources might be missing,” says Thomas Carmona, co-founder of City Dictionary. “The goal is to engage contributors from around the country and collect as many terms as possible — places, businesses, neighborhoods and slang — that become part of ‘everyday speak’ for various places.”

YouNews™ – a social media platform where members of the community upload videos/photos to local media websites - now includes a City Dictionary channel with options to view existing content, add a word, add a definition and more. For example, visitors to in Houston, TX may navigate to the YouNews section of the site to learn the origin of the area’s many nicknames including: Space City, Bayou City, H-Town and Clutch City. If a favorite is missing, a new moniker can be added to the Houston Dictionary.

According to Nate Leaf, BIM’s Director of Business Development, “For TV, radio and newspaper websites, hyper-local content has been and will continue to be a critical part of driving traffic and revenue. The collaboration with City Dictionary is just the first of many strategic partnerships BIM will be executing as we move into 2010. The objective is to build layers of user engagement, combined with additional revenue opportunities for our customers. To that end, we’re thrilled to be working with City Dictionary and both teams are continuing to brainstorm enhancements.”


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Based in Madison, WI, Broadcast Interactive Media ( is the leading provider of locally-focused advertising and content solutions for more than 160 television, radio, and newspaper websites. Offerings include a comprehensive suite of revenue-generating programs and national sales support, advertising and content network operations, video streaming, and technology development. Exclusive products encompass a user generated content (UGC) portal, YouNews™, a rapidly expanding catalog of local sales verticals such as Healthy Living, Home Experts and Green, as well as a proprietary video services product, BIMVid™. Customers include NBC LIM, Belo Television Group, McGraw-Hill Broadcasting, Fisher Communications, American Cancer Society, Schurz Communications, and Granite Broadcasting.

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About City Dictionary

City Dictionary ( is a user-generated website that focuses on the unique language and culture of American cities. The website allows users to define a city in their own words. The dictionary entries range from local slang and nicknames to events, restaurants, neighborhoods, food, people and more. City Dictionary is the place to find insider information that you won’t necessarily find in a tour book, on a map, or in the yellow pages. Whether you've just moved to a city, you are visiting, or you have lived there your whole life, everyone has something to learn and something to share on City Dictionary. It's a growing source for both well-known and lesser-known information about a city. Connect with City Dictionary at and

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Angela Wheaten, Director, Marketing & Promotions

City Dictionary
Thomas Carmona, Co-Founder

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