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  • Peters-Michaud: Computer recycler says state efforts need a boost
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com Large companies and government agencies may be doing a good job of recycling their electronic equipment and computers, but a bill pending in the Legislature would help small firms and individuals get with the program. That’s the assessment of Neil Peters-Mich... <more>

  • June 10 Transportation Forum Coverage
    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Ships): Shaping Southeastern Wisconsin's Transportation Future ForumJune 10, 2009 - Discovery World, M... <more>

  • WisBusiness.com's Mediawatch: Wisconsin Public TV trims expenses as it seeks younger audience, more donors
    By Erik Gunn For WisBusiness.com A frightening nugget turned up in a public broadcasting audience survey a few years ago: Asked where they saw a particular public TV documentary, focus group members gave the wrong answer. “They actually thought they saw it on the History Channel,” says Garry Den... <more>

  • New audio: Doyle DOA secretary defends biz climate
    By Andy Szal WisBusiness.com MADISON -- DOA Secretary Michael Morgan says the state’s business community should have confidence in the state's business climate despite a series of recent measures that have strained the relationship between Gov. Jim Doyle and business interests. “Up until the natio... <more>

  • Goss: $1.25 billion in transportation spending having positive ripple effect
    By Brian Clark For WisBusiness.com All those orange barrels may be irritating to motorists, but they're good news for the state's transportation industry. In particular, members of the Wisconsin Transportation Builders’ Association are benefiting from millions dollars in federal stimulus money be... <more>

  • Swenson: Utility chief says transmission key to making wind power viable for Wisconsin
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com The best wind energy is west of Wisconsin, and that's part of the reason a better power transmission system is key to ramping up wind production, the head of Northern States Power Co. says. “There is a saying in the wind industry that if you like wind, then... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Up-and-coming state companies profiled
    Students in the UW-Madison Department of Life Sciences Communications recently profiled nine state companies that are working on advancements the companies hope will net them sustained business success. The ideas range from a new travel coordination site to a solar charger for hybrid vehicles to a ... <more>

  • Schlaefer: Conservation exec notes strong interest in cutting energy costs
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com In spite of the recession – or perhaps because of it – interest in cutting energy costs in the Badger State is growing.   “Wisconsin is doing quite well,” says Mary Schlaefer, executive director of the 28-year-old Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation.... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Permanent new jobs key to Madison's success
    By WisBusiness Staff Tim Cooley, Madison's new economic development director, says creating and keeping new jobs is the key to the economic future of the capital city and its region. Though Madison enjoys benefits of having state government and UW-Madison centered in its boundaries, Cooley said w... <more>

  • Sanders: Sustainability is path to profit
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com The companies that emerge strongest from the current recession won’t be those that simply slash their payrolls to save money. Rather, says author and former Yahoo executive Tim Sanders, the winners will be those that continue to innovate and take steps to bec... <more>

  • WisBusiness.com: North Woods tourism leader says summer bookings look good
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com Even though some former vacationers may be staying home because of the economic downturn, the total number of visitors to northern Wisconsin resorts should remain roughly the same or even rise slightly this summer. That’s the optimistic prediction of Diane Mi... <more>

  • Plantes: Recession a time for company soul-searching, author says
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com Companies that fail to differentiate themselves from their competitors will face increased difficulties and even possible failure, economist and author Kay Plantes says. Plantes, an MIT-trained economist who wrote ``Beyond Price,'' said companies need to do... <more>

  • Jahn: Wisconsin-based bio-energy research leading the way
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com If the United States is going to change its energy use habits, research coming out of places like the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center at UW-Madison will surely help. So says Molly Jahn, dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the univers... <more>

  • Two new site features: BizOpinion and EconomyWatch
    Two new features have recently been added to WisBusiness.com: -- BizOpinion is a new source for business-related columns and commentary. It includes contributions from regular WisBusiness columnists plus other writers from around the state. In the latest piece, posted today, columnist Jennifer Ser... <more>

  • Stuart: In midst of recession, warnings that energy price increases on the way
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com With job losses pegged in the thousands, it’s been a brutal year for Wisconsin manufacturers. No one knows that better than Todd Stuart, executive director of the Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group, which represents many of those battered companies. br... <more>

  • Gulbrandsen: Stimulus seen as boost for UW-Madison research
    By WisBusiness Staff Carl E. Gulbrandsen, WARF managing director, told a recent WisBusiness.com luncheon that the new federal stimulus package is good news for UW-Madison research. “The university is in the sweet spot of the stimulus package,” Gulbrandsen said, singling out projects like the Wisc... <more>

  • WisBusiness: As Forward Wisconsin wanes, Commerce Department marketing role widens
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com An Eau Claire businesswoman is helping the state market itself as head of the Department of Commerce's new Division of Global Ventures. “Wisconsin has a strong and diverse economy, and I think it is an exciting story to tell,” says Mickey Judkins, the 54-yea... <more>

  • Gonnering: Widen Enterprises thrives through tech transitions
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com Widen Enterprises has what some might consider the perfect business plan: Create a problem for your customers and then get them to pay you for a way to solve it. That, in a nutshell, is what Widen has done with its Digital Asset Management software, which he... <more>

  • Nation: New 'Wired Wisconsin' effort to focus on broadband access, high-tech jobs
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com As a self-described “baseline techie geek from way back when,” Thad Nation jumped at the chance to head up the newly formed Wired Wisconsin -- a group that wants to boost technological growth in Wisconsin and bring broadband to all regions of the state. “I can... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Wolter, recovery office watching over $3.5 billion in fed stimulus
    Those running the state's new Office of Recovery and Reinvestment are pledging to watch "every nickel" of the more than $3.5 billion of federal stimulus money set to flow to Wisconsin. But where exactly the money will go at this point is uncertain, says Madison Gas & Electric chief Gary Wolter, wh... <more>


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