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  • Sikes: Guild.com Exploring Retail Market, 'Starting to Thrive'
    When Madison's Guild started in 1985, the art marketing company relied on heavy paper catalogs and sourcebooks to market the work of its artists to architects and designers. Then, in the '90s as personal computers became more widespread, Guild founder Toni Sikes began brainstorming ways to use ... <more>

  • Marotta: Wisconsin Business Climate Moving in the Right Direction
    Department of Administration Secretary Marc Marotta is often referred to as the top political star in the Doyle administration. But don't expect him to run for elective office anytime soon. His work at DOA, helping Gov. Jim Doyle foster a better business climate, apparently isn't done. He turned ... <more>

  • NFIB: Higher minimum wage will cost jobs, raise prices
    Entry-level or low-skill wage earners in Wisconsin would see higher paychecks if the state's move to raise the minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.50 over two years passes. It's a contentious issue that Bill Smith, state director of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, says cou... <more>

  • Doyle: Making Progress on 'Grow Wisconsin'
    Gov. Jim Doyle released his "Grow Wisconsin" economic plan in September of last year and already the Legislature has passed a number of related bills. Taking a special look at Wisconsin’s economic development picture, Corporate Report Wisconsin Editor Paul Zukowski interviewed Doyle about his admin... <more>

  • Haase: Retirement on Hold to Play Key Role at Pabst Farms
    Bronson Haase was perfectly content to retire and relax in the custom antique log vacation home he and his wife, Jackie, are building in northern Wisconsin. After all, Haase's career and his resume had long ago been fulfilled with remarkable achievements. His contributions to the southeast... <more>

  • Beck: Manpower VP Says Employers Are Optimistic
    As corporate profits rise and inventories remain low in a growing economy, employers will have to hire more people to meet the demand in 2004. That's the prediction of Barbara Beck, executive vice president of Manpower Inc.'s United States and Canada operations. The Glendale company is a global lead... <more>

  • Brudnak: MAK Wood Seeks Gold in Carrots
    Carrots have enjoyed a reputation for being good for your eyesight. But MAK Wood in Grafton hopes to find gold in carrots. The company is licensing technology from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation that could help food processors fight listeria – a food-borne bacte... <more>

  • John Umhoefer: EU restrictions on Old World names would cost cheese makers millions
    Wisconsin has been watching California close the cheesemaking gap for several years now, but if the European Union has its way the battle between Badger and Bruin will be a minor event in a world dairy war. Europe, like Wisconsin, is intent on branding its products. And cheese... <more>

  • What'll you have? Pabst City will target the 'creative class' in Milwaukee
    Measured by its physical size and dollar value, the Pabst City project will be one of the most significant real estate development ventures in Milwaukee's history. However, Pabst City's impact will extend beyond the fact that it will encompass seven city blocks or cost $300 million. Coupled with the... <more>

  • Deron M. Curliss: Cry for capital will resonate at the Wisconsin Life Sciences & Venture Conference
    Wisconsin's economy is closer to the page that organizers of the Madison Venture Fair envisioned in 1984, the year that work on a partnership between research scientists, government and the business community began to make technology an economic force. Twenty years later, ther... <more>

  • Howard Schnoll: Bo Black's Departure Signals New Era for Summerfest
    Howard Schnoll has been a member of the Summerfest Board since the festival started, but he has been on the hot seat in recent months as the leader of the board that ousted popular Executive Director Bo Black. Schnoll said the decision not to renew Black's contract after nearly 20 years was a tough ... <more>

  • Patrick J. Schillinger: Globalization, State Business Climate Will Dictate Paper Industry's Future in Wisconsin
    Paper is a key industry in Wisconsin, but lately it has been shrinking as layoffs and mill closings add to the manufacturing pullback that has cost the state thousands of jobs over the past three years. But despite the loss of 7,000 jobs, the industry is still stron... <more>

  • Ulice Payne: Fans Optimistic as Brewers Show Signs of Progress
    Milwaukee attorney Ulice Payne took over as president of the Milwaukee Brewers last September in the final stage of the team's worst season in its 34-year history. Coming off a season with 106 losses, falling attendance and grumbling fans, tired of the team's losing way, Payne took over for Wendy Se... <more>

  • John Jones: Lambeau Renovation Already Paying Off for Green and Gold
    The Green Bay Packers embarked on an ambitious $295 million renovation of historic Lambeau Field in 2000, hoping to solidify the financial status of the National Football League team. With the project near completion -- on time and within budget -- the team is already reaping benefits. T... <more>

  • Mark Bugher: Research Park Expansion Helping Create 'Critical Mass' of Midwest Biotech
    Nearly two decades ago, the University Research Park started in Madison as a way to help faculty start-up companies grow. This unique economic development enterprise has bloomed in recent years -- so much so that the park is preparing to expand on Madison's far west side. ... <more>

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