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  • WisBusiness: Elkhart Farmer Finds Niche With Sweet Sorghum
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com ELKHART LAKE – Richard Wittgreve’s sorghum crop pales beside that of the state’s corn and soybean farmers, who have a combined 150,000 acres in production. Still, his 20 acres of the cane-like grass – which he turns into a sweet, amber-colored syrup at his own mi... <more>

  • Stuart: Wants WIEG to `Reestablish Relationships'
    By Brian E. ClarkWisBusiness.com In the mid-1990s, a light bulb flashed inside Todd Stuart's brain as he traveled around the state visiting manufacturers with then-Lt. Gov. Scott McCallum.It was an appropriate metaphor for someone who could be accurately described as an energy policy wonk. When McCa... <more>

  • WisconsinEye Webcast: MMAC - From the Front Lines of Health Care Reform
    In the complex, and often daunting, arena of health care there is broad agreement the system must change to lower costs and preserve quality. A recent briefing, sponsored by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, covered possible solutions. Speakers include: Dick Tillmar, Diversified ... <more>

  • WisBusiness: JT Packard Ready for Surge in Business
    VERONA -- Six years ago, JT Packard – which mainly services uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems - had respectable sales of $3.5 million. By 2005, as the company shifted its focus to equipment maintenance, that figure had increased more than tenfold, rising to nearly $41 million.... <more>

  • WHA's Brenton: Government Health Care Needs to Pay `Fair Share'
    Steve Brenton says government must pay its ``fair share'' for Medicaid and other programs to help stem ``cost-shifting'' to the private sector. The Wisconsin Hospital Association president promises to focus on that issue in the next state budget battle in early 2007. He also ... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Entrepreneurs' Conference Coverage
    The Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Conference is running in Milwaukee June 8 and 9. Highlights will include tracks for "beginning" and "intermediate" level entrepreneurs; nationally renowned speakers and panelists; awards presentations for the Governor's Business Plan Contest and the "Seize the Day" award... <more>

  • WisBusiness.com: Study Says Coal Gasification Is Cleaner, More Expensive And Inevitable
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com A draft report on coal gasification released Thursday by the state Department of Natural Resources and the Public Service Commission says the process is currently $5 to $7 per megawatt hour more expensive than conventional coal-burning technology. However, when... <more>

  • WisconsinEye Webcast: Central Wisconsin Residents React to Power Line Proposal
    The Public Service Commission is holding public hearings on a proposed 345-kilovolt power line to run from near an existing Weston Power plant in Rothschild, to a new substation, called Central Wisconsin, in the town of Belle Plaine in central Shawano County. This hearing was held in Shawano on Apri... <more>

  • WisconsinEye: Worlds Apart, or Not? I-94 Outreach
    A highway connects Milwaukee and Madison. What ideas and initiatives can help this relationship bloom for the good of the state? Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett share their visions for greater cooperation in a presentation hosted by the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, A... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Edgewood College Business Ethicist Has New Book on Enron
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com A federal jury in Houston started deliberating Wednesday in the fraud and conspiracy case trail of Enron founder Ken Lay and former CEO Jeffrey Skilling. Their company was the seventh largest in the U.S. when in foundered in 2001. Jurors are de... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Author Says Being Slightly Nuts Is Helpful for Entrepreneurs
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com Does it help to be somewhat kooky if you want to start your own business? Yes, says John D. Gartner, author of “The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between (a Little) Craziness and (a Lot of) Success in America” and one of the lead speakers at the fourth annual Wisconsi... <more>

  • WisBiz In-Depth: DARE to Restore Driftless Area Waterways
    By Gregg Hoffmann WESTBY – They call the effort DARE for short. Indeed, Trout Unlimited and its various public and private sector partners are daring to take on the effort to restore waterways within the 24,000 square-mile Driftless Area, which spans from southeastern Minnesota to northwestern Ill... <more>

  • WisconsinEye: Wisconsin in the World Economy
    How are we doing on the global stage? Join a panel discussion featuring the heads of Wisconsin's trade offices in China, Mexico, Brazil, Europe and Japan. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Innovation Network. Moderated by Tom Still, president, Wisconsin Technology Council. Go to Wi... <more>

  • WisBusiness: State Engineer Confident Lithium-Ion Batteries Will Dominate Hybrid Vehicle Market
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com GLENDALE – Mike Andrew doesn’t drive a hybrid car. But the chances are good that his next vehicle will be one. “I’ve driven nearly all the hybrids out there as part of my work,” said Andrew, a manager at Johnson Controls’ new $4 million advanced lithium-ion batte... <more>

  • 4th Street Forum: Economic Vitality, Tax Subsidies, and Jobs
    A recent 4th Street Forum in Milwaukee examined the use of tax subsidies for business development. 4th Street Forum is a nonpartisan program, aimed at promoting public discussion of political and social issues that are of concern to the community. The forums are sponsored by the Milwaukee Turners, M... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Leinenkugel's Bucks Flagging Traditional Beer Sales with Craft Brews
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com CHIPPEWA FALLS – Total beer consumption in the United States is flat. But many craft beer brewers – including those in Wisconsin - are doing well. According to the Brewers Association, craft brewers sold 9 percent more barrels o... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Love for Madison Brought Biz School's New Addition Back to UW
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com This is a Madison boomerang story. Times two. Dan Olszewski is back in the state capital, for the second time. This time around, the Harvard MBA is heading the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship at the UW-Madison School of Business. He replaced Larry Co... <more>

  • Doyle Speaks Up for Stem Cells at BIO 2006
    Gov. Jim Doyle forcefully defended stem cell research in Wisconsin when he spoke at the state pavilion at the recent BIO 2006 national biotech convention in Chicago. Doyle praised the recent donations of $50 million by the Morgridge family and another $50 million from the Wisconsin Alumni Research... <more>

  • WisconsinEye: 2006 Wis. Innovates Series: of Wisconsin's most successful and honored entrepreneurs talk about their experiences and enviable success
    Wisconsin Innovates Conference: "How They Grew Their Businesses from the Ground Up." Watch as 3 of Wisconsin's most successful and honored entrepreneurs talk about their experiences and enviable success. * Michael Cudahy, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO — Marquette Electronics, Inc * Craig Culver, CEO... <more>

  • Doyle: Economic development lessons for Wisconsin
    Gov. Jim Doyle told business leaders in late March about the kinds of economic development lessons he's taking to heart as Wisconsin tries to transition its economy.   Doyle talked in a speech to the Wis... <more>


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