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  • WisBiz In-Depth: Mustard Museum to Celebrate 20th Anniversary
    By Gregg Hoffmann MOUNT HOREB – Barry Levenson can tell you exactly where he was on Oct. 28, 1986. “I was wandering through Woodman’s on the east side of Madison, at 2:30 in the morning, depressed because the Red Sox had just lost the seventh game of the World Series (the infamous Bill Buckner S... <more>

  • SBT Interview: Chancellor Tries to Raise UWM's Profile
    Chancellor Carlos Santiago is trying to transform the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee from its long-time image as a commuter school into a more traditional college setting, where many of the students live on campus. To improve the school and extend its impact on the community, Santiago wants to ... <more>

  • WisBusiness: State Economy Slows in 2nd Quarter
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com Following a national trend, the Wisconsin economy slowed in the most recent quarter, with the average stock price for publicly traded companies off by 2.5 percent. Still, experts said, there were bright spots, with utilities and some manufacturers doing well fro... <more>

  • WisconsinEye Webcast: WARF Director Says Institutes for Discovery Risky, But Worth the Gamble
    The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery are a risky endeavor, Carl Gulbrandsen, managing director of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, acknowledged during a recent Wisconsin Innovation Network luncheon. But they are worth the gamble because they hold the potential to produce breakthrough ... <more>

  • WisBusiness: International Mercury Pollution Conference Hits Madison
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com MADISON – Wisconsin businesses and utilities will be closely monitoring the huge “Mercury as a Global Pollutant” conference that kicks off Sunday and runs through Friday at the Monona Terrace Convention Center. The gathering is expected to attract more than 1... <more>

  • WisBusiness: TDS' Tech Women Tops in Their Field
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com MADISON – In the worlds of information technology and engineering, it's no secret that women are under-represented, especially at the executive level. But not at TDS Teleco... <more>

  • WisconsinEye Webcast: Wisconsin Farmers Union Conference on NAFTA
    Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager and the Farmers Union teamed up with several labor groups to present this conference on the effects of global trade on Wisconsin farms and businesses. The forum was held June 12 at the Concourse Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin. California Chief Deputy Attor... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Strickler Retires from UW-Madison with Eyes on Reinventing Himself ... Again
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com AVALANCHE, Vernon County – There are two ways to look at Patrick Strickler’s long employment history: He’s either an expert at retiring or he doesn’t understand the concept. Regardless, after surviving more than two dozen acquisitions and mergers and taking sever... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Energy Users Unite Against Railroad Rate Spikes
    Wisconsin energy users, along with politicians who often clash, have united against what they claim are excessive rate spikes from monopolistic railroads.Among those on the same side – the Public Service Commission led by appointees of Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle,... <more>

  • Schwartzer: Health Care Costs Approaching Crisis Stage
    Dan Schwartzer of the Wisconsin Association of Health Underwriters says health care costs are ``becoming a crisis'' for many people and businesses.In a new WisPolitics.com/WisBusiness.com webcast, Schwartzer advocates more consumer involvement in the health care... <more>

  • Knetter: UW Biz School Tackles Changing Economy
    MADISON – One of the biggest challenges facing Wisconsin’s changing economy is turning out entrepreneurs and managers to run emerging companies. So says Michael Knetter, who has been dean of the UW-Madison Business School for the past four years. WisBusiness.com staff writer Colleen Flaherty spoke... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Elkhart Farmer Finds Niche With Sweet Sorghum
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com ELKHART LAKE – Richard Wittgreve’s sorghum crop pales beside that of the state’s corn and soybean farmers, who have a combined 150,000 acres in production. Still, his 20 acres of the cane-like grass – which he turns into a sweet, amber-colored syrup at his own mi... <more>

  • Stuart: Wants WIEG to `Reestablish Relationships'
    By Brian E. ClarkWisBusiness.com In the mid-1990s, a light bulb flashed inside Todd Stuart's brain as he traveled around the state visiting manufacturers with then-Lt. Gov. Scott McCallum.It was an appropriate metaphor for someone who could be accurately described as an energy policy wonk. When McCa... <more>

  • WisconsinEye Webcast: MMAC - From the Front Lines of Health Care Reform
    In the complex, and often daunting, arena of health care there is broad agreement the system must change to lower costs and preserve quality. A recent briefing, sponsored by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, covered possible solutions. Speakers include: Dick Tillmar, Diversified ... <more>

  • WisBusiness: JT Packard Ready for Surge in Business
    VERONA -- Six years ago, JT Packard – which mainly services uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems - had respectable sales of $3.5 million. By 2005, as the company shifted its focus to equipment maintenance, that figure had increased more than tenfold, rising to nearly $41 million.... <more>

  • WHA's Brenton: Government Health Care Needs to Pay `Fair Share'
    Steve Brenton says government must pay its ``fair share'' for Medicaid and other programs to help stem ``cost-shifting'' to the private sector. The Wisconsin Hospital Association president promises to focus on that issue in the next state budget battle in early 2007. He also ... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Entrepreneurs' Conference Coverage
    The Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Conference is running in Milwaukee June 8 and 9. Highlights will include tracks for "beginning" and "intermediate" level entrepreneurs; nationally renowned speakers and panelists; awards presentations for the Governor's Business Plan Contest and the "Seize the Day" award... <more>

  • WisBusiness.com: Study Says Coal Gasification Is Cleaner, More Expensive And Inevitable
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com A draft report on coal gasification released Thursday by the state Department of Natural Resources and the Public Service Commission says the process is currently $5 to $7 per megawatt hour more expensive than conventional coal-burning technology. However, when... <more>

  • WisconsinEye Webcast: Central Wisconsin Residents React to Power Line Proposal
    The Public Service Commission is holding public hearings on a proposed 345-kilovolt power line to run from near an existing Weston Power plant in Rothschild, to a new substation, called Central Wisconsin, in the town of Belle Plaine in central Shawano County. This hearing was held in Shawano on Apri... <more>

  • WisconsinEye: Worlds Apart, or Not? I-94 Outreach
    A highway connects Milwaukee and Madison. What ideas and initiatives can help this relationship bloom for the good of the state? Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett share their visions for greater cooperation in a presentation hosted by the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, A... <more>


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