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  • Hess: Despite recession, Wisconsin can excel with focus on details of business climate
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com Wisconsin -- like most of the nation -- may be in the midst of a recession, but business consultant Robert Hess says that doesn't mean there isn't opportunity now for states that seek it. He is a managing principal with Newmark Knight Frank (NKF Consulting) in... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Wisconsin’s neighbors faring better during economic downturn
    By Tracy Will For WisBusiness.com With the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank’s concern about an extended recession reported this week and a $5.4 billion deficit looming over Wisconsin, news reports and economic forecasts from the regional Federal Reserve branches in Chicago and Minneapolis suggest some of ... <more>

  • Marks: New head of Competitive Wisconsin says education key to continued growth
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com In her 15 years as a member of Competitive Wisconsin Inc., Sue Marks has seen more than a few economic ups and downs on the local, national and international scenes. Now that the state is in another recession, Marks – who became president of the broad-based grou... <more>

  • Doyle: Strong federal stimulus needed to tackle recession
    A federal stimulus package focused on "getting people to work" would stem widespread unemployment, Gov. Jim Doyle said as he warned about an upcoming budget plan without "any big new initiatives of any kind." While he is hopeful that a federal stimulus package will provide relief, Doyle cautioned t... <more>

  • Janesville GM plant produces its last SUV
    The last SUV produced by the General Motors plant in Janesville rolled off the production line early this morning. A skeleton crew of workers will continue working on a light-truck project done in conjunction with Isuzu. The plant's closure was first announced by GM in June, when Gov. Jim Doyle rea... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Up-and-coming state companies profiled
    Students in the UW-Madison Department of Life Sciences Communications recently profiled six Madison-area companies that are working on advancements the companies hope will net them sustained business success. The ideas range from a new process for cleaning wastewater to a rebar replacement that c... <more>

  • O'Connell: State-backed investment funds could improve business climate
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com MADISON – Leaders of Wisconsin Way say the state is on the wrong track for economic growth and prosperity. In fact, one leader of the group says Wisconsin is digging itself into a fiscal hole that may be hard to correct without some big changes. To redirect its ... <more>

  • Sepic: Head of auto dealers' group looks for state delegation to back bailout bill
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com MADISON – Bill Sepic, the new head of the Wisconsin Auto and Truck Dealers Association, says he is hopeful that Congress and the White House can reach agreement this week on a partial bailout bill for the Big Three automakers. Sepic, who has been on the job for l... <more>

  • Bjella: Focus on logistics helps DDN to grow in down economic market
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com These are trying times for many in the biotech industry, with funding sources buttoning up as a result of the deepening recession. But at least one drug-related firm, Menomonee Falls-based DDN, is thriving as a third-party logistics company, handling warehousin... <more>

  • Buchen: WMC effort looks for consensus on state business climate
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com MADISON – With Democrats soon to control the state Assembly, as well as the Senate and governor’s office, the state’s largest business lobby is shifting gears to deal with what it calls the “new political landscape." Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, which has ... <more>

  • Nelson: $20M expansion at busy Dells resort means 65 new jobs this month
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com MADISON -- The nation's economy may be in the tank, but business at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells and its counterpart in Sandusky, Ohio remains solid. That’s the word from Todd Nelson, owner and president of the African-themed Kalahari water parks. ... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Milwaukee sick pay holding firms at bay, MMAC's Sheehy says
    By David A. Wise WisBusiness.com Businesses are already reconsidering decisions to expand in or move to Milwaukee in light of a paid sick day requirement scheduled to take effect in February, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce President Tim Sheehy says. On Monday morning alone, Sh... <more>

  • WisBusiness: WBA's Bauer says many Wisconsin banks may tap TARP funds
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com MADISON – More than 40 state banks may end up applying for aid under the U.S. Treasury Department’s Capital Purchase Program, part of the federal government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program, according to Wisconsin Bankers Association CEO Kurt Bauer. “We are an... <more>

  • Forum: Stimulus likely to come in form of infrastructure aid, reworked tax credits
    By Patrick Fitzgerald For WisBusiness.com State business leaders at an economic forum in Milwaukee hinted that the state would piggyback on a possible national stimulus for states with an effort of its own in early 2009 in order to boost the lagging economy. Bill McCoshen, director of Competitive... <more>

  • Mackie: TomoTherapy CEO offers tips for business success
    The leader of one of Wisconsin's top high-tech start-ups has some rules for success and the rules have special meaning in these tough economic times. Thomas Mackie -- the CEO of TomoTherapy, says his most important rules for success are: “plan for disaster and design for success, don’t give up, st... <more>

  • LaConte: F. Dohmen Co. celebrates 150 years with $1.5 million in charitable giving
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com MILWAUKEE – For most of its 150 years, the family-owned F. Dohmen Co. has operated pretty much under the radar, building its wholesale drug business from its headquarters in Wisconsin. In recent years, it switched to providing outsourced business services to the p... <more>

  • Bozarth: Despite rough stretch, SWIB may be able to find stock bargains
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com With the stock market swinging wildly in recent weeks and losing more than 20 percent of its value since the summer, these are trying times for pension fund managers. On the last day of September, in fact, the value of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board’s (... <more>

  • Prudent: Biotech start-up exec says now may be good time to invest
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com It may seem counterintuitive in the midst of the current economic meltdown, but one Madison executive says now is a good time to invest in start-up diagnostic or drug discovery companies. “The overall marketplace is in turmoil now” and the biotech industry has not... <more>

  • Bugher: A decade of growth at Madison’s University Research Park
    In recessionary times, the director of the University Research Park in Madison is bullish on Wisconsin. Mark Bugher, from Eau Claire, is a former top adviser to Gov. Tommy Thompson who has been running the research park for nearly a decade. Bugher says in a recent interview that he can’t think o... <more>

  • Vickerman: Wisconsin primed for more wind energy development
    By Brian E. Clark WisBusiness.com Wisconsin has a long history of using wind-energy to pump water on the state’s plentiful farms and dairies -- but not to produce electricity for the grid. That changed a decade ago, when two big wind turbines were installed by four utilities near Green Bay as a d... <more>


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