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  • Jones: Miller-Coors 'not going anywhere'
    By David A. Wise WisBusiness.com MILWAUKEE -- Although the corporate headquarters of the merged Miller-Coors brewing company is located in Chicago, Miller-Coors Senior Vice President Mike Jones says the company remains committed to Milwaukee. Jones told Milwaukee Rotarians that Miller-Coors st... <more>

  • Bugher: University Research Park adding companies as Wisconsin's reputation grows
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com Most of Wisconsin’s economy may be in the dumps, with companies announcing layoffs almost daily and the state’s unemployment rate topping 9 in recent months. But it’s been a very good summer for the University Research Park on Madison’s west side and its a... <more>

  • Kremer: Angel investing rises despite economic downturn
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com The recession has been cruel to start-ups – just as it has forced big companies to their knees – but it also has presented big opportunities for investors who are looking for good deals. That’s the word from Joe Kremer, who heads the Wisconsin Angel Network, ... <more>

  • Deller: State tourism industry doing 'OK' despite recession
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com Wisconsin’s $13 billion tourism industry may be in a slump, but an economics professor says that isn’t surprising considering the overall down economy. That spending generated more than 310,000 jobs and $2 billion in state and local taxes during 2008, acco... <more>

  • Gorder: State farmers hit rough patch after two solid years
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com After two strong years for Wisconsin's agriculture industry, this summer has many state farmers grappling with adversity. On the down side, Wisconsin agriculture is suffering from depressed milk and grain prices, as well as a downturn in export markets. ... <more>

  • Radspinner: FluGen works toward role in fighting flu outbreaks
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com No one knows how deadly the H1N1 flu pandemic will be - if and when it spreads this fall and winter. It has killed 200 nationwide and five in Wisconsin so far. The federal Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have warned it could be e... <more>

  • Reinke: Biz Plan Contest Winner Sees Big Bucks in New Cardiac Surgical Device
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com Each year, more than 45,000 patients suffer complications – including death – from pulmonary artery catheters used to monitor their hearts during surgery. Bonnie Reinke, president and CEO of the Middleton-based Eso-Technologies, would like to see the figure re... <more>

  • DFI secretary: Financial sector may lag in recovery
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com The state’s unemployment rate may have dropped a tad last month – falling from 8.8 percent in April to 8.7 percent in May. And there are other flickers of an economic rebound, including a rebound in the stock market. But many of the state’s banks and credit un... <more>

  • Marion: Former judge and PSC official now working to ease foreclosure mess
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com For roughly 10 years, Wisconsin was on a utility building binge. Now, the push is for renewable and conservation efforts. With that comes a different debate and a different set of standards, says former state Public Service Commission general counsel ... <more>

  • Peters-Michaud: Computer recycler says state efforts need a boost
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com Large companies and government agencies may be doing a good job of recycling their electronic equipment and computers, but a bill pending in the Legislature would help small firms and individuals get with the program. That’s the assessment of Neil Peters-Mich... <more>

  • June 10 Transportation Forum Coverage
    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Ships): Shaping Southeastern Wisconsin's Transportation Future ForumJune 10, 2009 - Discovery World, M... <more>

  • WisBusiness.com's Mediawatch: Wisconsin Public TV trims expenses as it seeks younger audience, more donors
    By Erik Gunn For WisBusiness.com A frightening nugget turned up in a public broadcasting audience survey a few years ago: Asked where they saw a particular public TV documentary, focus group members gave the wrong answer. “They actually thought they saw it on the History Channel,” says Garry Den... <more>

  • New audio: Doyle DOA secretary defends biz climate
    By Andy Szal WisBusiness.com MADISON -- DOA Secretary Michael Morgan says the state’s business community should have confidence in the state's business climate despite a series of recent measures that have strained the relationship between Gov. Jim Doyle and business interests. “Up until the natio... <more>

  • Goss: $1.25 billion in transportation spending having positive ripple effect
    By Brian Clark For WisBusiness.com All those orange barrels may be irritating to motorists, but they're good news for the state's transportation industry. In particular, members of the Wisconsin Transportation Builders’ Association are benefiting from millions dollars in federal stimulus money be... <more>

  • Swenson: Utility chief says transmission key to making wind power viable for Wisconsin
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com The best wind energy is west of Wisconsin, and that's part of the reason a better power transmission system is key to ramping up wind production, the head of Northern States Power Co. says. “There is a saying in the wind industry that if you like wind, then... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Up-and-coming state companies profiled
    Students in the UW-Madison Department of Life Sciences Communications recently profiled nine state companies that are working on advancements the companies hope will net them sustained business success. The ideas range from a new travel coordination site to a solar charger for hybrid vehicles to a ... <more>

  • Schlaefer: Conservation exec notes strong interest in cutting energy costs
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com In spite of the recession – or perhaps because of it – interest in cutting energy costs in the Badger State is growing.   “Wisconsin is doing quite well,” says Mary Schlaefer, executive director of the 28-year-old Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation.... <more>

  • WisBusiness: Permanent new jobs key to Madison's success
    By WisBusiness Staff Tim Cooley, Madison's new economic development director, says creating and keeping new jobs is the key to the economic future of the capital city and its region. Though Madison enjoys benefits of having state government and UW-Madison centered in its boundaries, Cooley said w... <more>

  • Sanders: Sustainability is path to profit
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com The companies that emerge strongest from the current recession won’t be those that simply slash their payrolls to save money. Rather, says author and former Yahoo executive Tim Sanders, the winners will be those that continue to innovate and take steps to bec... <more>

  • WisBusiness.com: North Woods tourism leader says summer bookings look good
    By Brian E. Clark For WisBusiness.com Even though some former vacationers may be staying home because of the economic downturn, the total number of visitors to northern Wisconsin resorts should remain roughly the same or even rise slightly this summer. That’s the optimistic prediction of Diane Mi... <more>


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