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Cool Choices: Discusses employee engagement and co-hosting the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s 6th Annual Conference

Contact: Tom Eggert
Phone: 608-267-2761
E-Mail: sustain@bus.wisc.edu

Dodgeville, WI -- Cool Choices is a non-profit committed to changing employee behaviors and attitudes towards sustainability through games and play. As a non-profit, Cool Choices role in sustainability efforts within the business community is as a valuable partner. “For many businesses, partnering with a non-profit creates some credibility around what they’re doing, and businesses often see partnerships with non-profits as a way to legitimize what they’re doing, Said Kathy Kuntz, Executive Director of Cool Choices. Many companies get excited about Cool Choices’ independent evaluation for this reason.”

Cool Choices is again co-hosting the 2013 conference with the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council. Cool Choices also partnered with the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council on last year's conference and on the annual state sustainability report. “We are thrilled to partner with the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council on the annual conference," proclaimed Kathy Kuntz, Executive Director of Cool Choices. "The Council has done a terrific job of recognizing and celebrating Wisconsin businesses that are leading on sustainability. As a state leader in employee engagement around sustainability, Cool Choices sees the partnership as a great way of linking our expertise to the Council's existing successes so that Wisconsin businesses can maintain a competitive and sustainable advantage going forward."

“The conference is really unique in that it is all real Wisconsin businesses talking frankly about their path to sustainability, what they’ve accomplished so far, and what they’re struggling to accomplish. A lot of conferences are a disguise for product promotion, but what’s cool about this conference is that amazingly smart leaders from a lot of fields are talking about what has and hasn’t worked. Sustainability is messy and this conference gives people a chance to talk about that complexity and sort through what’s going on,” said Kuntz.

This year’s conference theme will be “Shades of Green” – incorporating the idea that businesses are found all along of spectrum of sustainability. Through 10 breakout sessions business speakers will address; small business, partnerships, innovations in waste management, supply chain management, the profit in sustainability, environmental management systems, water efficiency, employee engagement, engaging customers, transportation/logistics as a sustainability issue, and even a sneak peek into the Lands’ End facilities through a guided tour!

For more information, please visit our website at http://www.wisconsinsustainability.com/annual-conference/ and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well as at our blog http://www.wisconsinsustainability.com/category/wsbcblog/ for up-to-date developments on the conference.

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