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Kerry Campaign: Kerry Says He will Lift Stem Cell Ban and Restore America’s Scientific Leadership during Radio Address

August 7, 2004

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Kerry Says He will Lift Stem Cell Ban and Restore America’s Scientific Leadership during Radio Address

Washington, DC – With Monday marking the three year anniversary of George Bush’s far-reaching ban on stem cell research, Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry used his radio address to the nation Saturday to assure the American people that he will overturn this ban as president as part of his comprehensive plan to put America back on the path of scientific excellence.

As outlined in the new Kerry-Edwards book “Our Plan for America,” Kerry will lead an administration committed to scientific research based on fact, not ideology, and encourage the use of science and innovation to meet the challenges of the future, from job creation to medical breakthroughs to strengthening the American economy. Kerry’s plan begins with lifting the ban on stem cell research.

“At this very moment, some of the most pioneering cures and treatments are right at our fingertips, but because of the stem cell ban, they remain beyond our reach,” Kerry said. “This is not the way we do things in America. Here in America, we don’t sacrifice science for ideology. We are a land of discovery – a place where innovators and optimists are free to dream and explore.”

On August 9, 2001, President Bush enacted a stem cell policy that has severely limited the ability of researchers to find cures for diseases like Alzheimers, Parkinsons, diabetes and AIDS. While more than 100 million Americans suffer from illnesses that one day could be wiped away with stem-cell therapy, George Bush continues to stand in the way.

Bush’s August 2001 stem cell decision is characteristic of his administration’s overall approach to science. He has led one of the most anti-science administrations in our nation’s history by putting his conservative, ideological agenda before crucial research and threatened America’s ability to remain on the critical edge of innovation.

“We must look to the future not with fear, but with the hope and the faith that advances in science will advance our highest ideals,” Kerry said.

John Kerry knows America can do better and will embrace America’s tradition of looking forward to the next great discovery as president. He will lift the ban on stem cell research and allow doctors and scientists to explore their full potential with the appropriate ethical oversight. To ensure America remains on the cutting edge of discovery, he will invest in our nation’s scientific research and use scientific facts and the advice of our scientific leaders to make decisions.

“When John Edwards and I are sworn into office, we’re going to create a new anniversary – one that will be a cause for celebration,” Kerry said. “We’re going to lift the ban on stem cell research. We’re going to listen to our scientists and stand up for science. We’re going to say yes to knowledge, yes to discovery, and yes to a new era of hope for all Americans.”

As a result of his commitment to putting scientific research over politics, Kerry has been endorsed by 48 Nobel Laureates.


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