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Season 10 Fireball Run ĎAnniversary Editioní: Premieres on Amazon featuring team Big County with Elaine Coughlin from Eau Claire,WI

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SANTA FE, NM. – The much anticipated tenth season of the Fireball Run television series has premiered on Amazon Video. The 26-episode adventure-travel series traverses from Western New York to Massachusetts. Season 10, titled Anniversary Edition, spotlights the extraordinary history, sights, attractions, and people of under-discovered America while also aiding in the nation’s largest recovery effort for missing and exploited children.

Participating in season 10 series is local Elaine Coughlin, on team number 2 – Big Country. She joined a cast of over 100 dashing to cities within the Northeastern United States. Fireball Run chronicles the adventurous journey of 40 driving teams as they receive several clues which if solved, lead to rare, historic, or epic experiences.

“I was honored and thrilled to be asked to represent Eau Claire County on Fireball Run Adventurally.” Elaine stated “It was great to meet all of the contestants and travel through so many great communities. It made me proud to be from and to still live, work and enjoy my time in Eau Claire. It was an amazing experience and I was excited to bring the contestants to my community the following season. “

More than just great entertainment, since 2007 the series has leveraged its exposure to support Child Rescue Network, a 501-c3 charity in a Race To Recover America’s Missing Children. Each contestant team is assigned a child missing from their local region and provided posters featuring the child to distribute along the 2,000-mile, ten-day live production. The series has since aided in the successful recovery of 50 missing children.

Best described as a contest, history, and travel show combined, Fireball Run differs significantly from Reality TV. The Factual Entertainment series is filmed authentically in real-time, then edited into an exciting 26-episode series that entertains while educating viewers about amazing sites and attractions visited and experienced by show contestants.

No easy task; solving the clues often involves assistance from a strong support team of fans, family, friends. How well did local team Big Country score? You’re in luck if you have an Amazon Prime account. The series is distributed by Amazon and bingeing is free for Prime members. If not, maybe it’s time to join. Alternately, you can just go to Amazon to buy, download and keep the entire season.

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